Katy Perry’s Hair color Combo and styles

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Katy Perry was born on October 25, 1984; she is about to enter her 30s this month and I am sure that she is already having so many plans about her birthday. She was born and raised in California, started her career in gospel music in 2001 because she had little interest in pop music unlike Britney spears and Rihanna.  Her real name is Katherine Elizabeth but she uses her stage name Katy Perry from the day she entered in fashion and music industry, maybe using that name was right because her real name is so heavy on her that’s what I feel.

Katy Perry has earned respect and fame in music industry for her unique songs and cute voice, but she is also seen endorsing her own products in market such as perfumes and dresses. She got attention for her lovely fashion and style, if you observe her dressing closely you will find that she is more of friend of a retro inspired fashion- her hairstyle, hair color, makeup, and outfits are merely modern.

Katy Perry has worn a tons of hairstyles, she is also known for changing the hair color frequently and there isn’t just one single bright color she hasn’t tried yet.  I guess she is not afraid of dying her hair in red, blue, purple, violet, green, orange, and red. She goes with blue color at parties without even thinking what her peers and competitors might think of her; just too brave.

I have made my collection of Katy Perry’s hair color combo and styles, the list is huge but I am sharing few ones which I thought are different.

 Katy in violet hair colors and curls

Katy perry retro violet hairstyle

Katy in blue color transitions

Katy perry blunt blue hairstyle

High Ponytail with extensions Katy wearing straight

Katy Perry purple ponytail

Katy wearing a casual updo adorning it with a nice floral headpiece

Katy Perry pink updo

Katy in honey, blonde and golden curlsKaty Perry blonde hair

Black, beautiful layers of Katy. Completed with a nice crown braid.

Katy Perry natural hair color

Katy in nice retro feather cut, she worn it in the song Wide Awake.

Katy Perry violet hairstyle in wide awake song

Neatly rolled waves of Katy Perry, kind of vintage look.

Katy Perry vintage blye hairstyle

Classy and unique combo

A nice bob in green

Katy Perry green hair 2014

Light pink with gold,copper and orange.

Katy Perry blonde pink hair


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