Kim Kardashian’s Hairstyle in 2014

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The famous TV actress, Kim Kardashian, is getting more success worldwide than any other Hollywood Celebrities because she is intellectual, multilingual, and creative.  She started her career with the help of her Friend Paris Hilton but she got success for her character in a reality TV show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’.  The actress has got a lot of designing talent apart from a gift of acting and modeling.
Kim Kardashian is said to be able to put a stage on fire literally as she’s got fire in her body, eyes, and style. No matter what haircut she wears and what outfut style she dons, her friends follow her blindly, considering her a real ‘Fashion Goddess’. Seeing what Kim Kardashian is doing for the fashion and modelling industry, we can say that she is a goddess in real as her fashion has taken over the modern industry.

As everyone is just curious to see Kim Kardashian’s hairstyle in 2014 as well as her new outfits, I would keep some pictures up her for her friends-not just the typical portraits, in fact some high quality images of her million dollars poses that are good enough to make anyone crazy.

Kim Kardashian has donned several short, sleek and beautiful haircuts to the date, but she looks wonderful when she wears highlights and ombre hair, it’s because her skin tone is oat, little less fair and more attractive.  Kim is seemingly sporting some extra-shaped up layers in 2014 that have got hints of two shades, ash blonde and auburn, of course the base color is chosen to be dark brown. Though she is not completely black but she stills belongs to afro American culture that’s why her skin tone is bit on the dark side, to harmonize the effect of complexion she wears light colored tresses by mixing them with the brown base coat. The mixture of two different shades- dark and light makes for a good streaking effect, pampering her face tone, it adds more to her personality as well. If you have the same type of skin complexion you can walk on her steps and give yourself a nice, peaceful makeover by dying hair in a great color.

Check Kim Kardashian’s hairstyle to feel inspired by her.

Most beautiful kim kardashian black layers


Kim kardashian with ombre hair in party

Kim kardashian wearing curls 2014 in day light

Kim kardashian sporting jet black hair 2014

Kim kardashian natural black hair

Kim kardashian blonde ombre hair inspiration 2014


Gorgeous kim kardashian hair styling 2014

Fantastic kim kardashian two toned hair style at party

Cozy victorian rolls of beautiful kim

2014-kim-kardashian-hair having two shades

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