Korean Hairstyle Ideas for men ! Enjoy Versatility in styling

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Korean men are literally not afraid of anything- yes, not anything in the world when it comes to fashion, style and trend. You may be shocked to know that men in Korean spend more on buying beauty products than men of any other countries in the world- they are somewhat very conscious about their appearance just like Japanese. They just want to look their best and never care about their features, if you have had a chance of meeting with guys from Korea or Japan, you would have noticed that their skin, normally, is flawless and acne free, it’s because they take excessive care of their beauty just like women.

While I was surfing on the internet for the best Korean Hairstyles 2014 for men I noticed that few of the Korean models were barely recognizable in term of their gender, I had to zoom in the picture to make myself assure that I was actually look at the picture of a guy, not of a beautiful Korean girl. Features of some guys were resembling with the women’s feature so much intensely that I had to check for some masculine features such as facial hair, beard or anything like body to make sure the pictures were actually of guys.  It’s not shocking to discover that some Korean guys look closer to Game boys that we usually see the games such as Tekken series. I don’t know how these Asian boys manage to maintain flawless skin and somewhat transparent skin-tone by avoiding acne and scars, but one thing I am sure about is their beauty- despite of small, tiny eyes, these guys have got something very attractive apart from fair complexion.
One of the most important features of a Korean Boy’s look might be his hairstyle- it’s believed that Korean guys wear stylish or fashionable hairstyles as they have strong sense of fashion, maybe stronger than the men of the entire world. I must add there, they are not even shy of dying their hair in blunt shades such as blue, purple, red, dark brown and even blonde. Blonde, maybe you are cringing at the idea of dying hair in blonde or pink, but Korean men are doing it quite comfortably for the sake of their beauty or maybe for satisfying their inner urge to look best of all, whatever it be, they simply look wonderful in their style, don’t they?
Now let’s get back to the topic which is best Korean Hairstyle ideas for men. It won’t come as a surprise for you to know that Korean love variations in hairstyling, so every individual wears a hairstyle that relates to their profession or personality. It’s interesting, right?  Keep reading the article to discover Korean Hairstyles 2014.
Korean Bangs:  Korean men love wearing bangs- short, medium and long. The specialty of their bangs in the position of the cut, though they wear center parted bangs but in most cases you’ll see side-parted bangs. The bangs may have some fringes or defined frizzes to be noticed in the cut and this is usual for all cuts that originate from Korea. Instead of casual or typical bangs, you’ll see more of diagonal bangs that have some dimensions according to the face shape.

Korean men long hair

Brushed-down Korean hairstyles :  Brushed down hairstyles are opposite of brushed back hairstyles- I am sure you have guessed as what I am talking here. When you apply gel and brush your hair, you do brushing in the back direction to set your hair just above your head in the back position, but most Korean brush their hair in the down position over the face. Check these pictures of Korean hairstyle ideas for men, to understand what I mean hair.  Brushing hair down at the forehead is a kind of trend these days, not just in Korean but in America as well.

Korean men fringe cut idea

 Messy Korean Hairstyles: Messy hair doesn’t mean hair that’s done in a careless manner, it refers to a style that’s set in a specific pattern where hair looks messy but styled in a good order since the hair strands are overlapped onto each other in a professional manner. It’s about just applying the gel over the hair and brushing it randomly, it takes bit more time to get a perfect messy hairstyle.

Korean Men hair mullet

Undercut and side shaving.
Korean men side shaving idea

Regular and asymmetrical.

Korean Men hairstyle idea

Casual with long side burns.

Formal Korean haircut

Casual with fringe.


Korean men style inspiration

An articulate Korean crew cut.

Korean men haircut teenage

Emo style fringe.

Korean men red emo cut

Game inspired pointed bangs.

Korean men short haircutJust another regular cut.

Korean men styles

Chopped and cropped.Korean-Buzz-cut


















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