Unique Korean Hairstyles for Men

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If you have been bitten by a Korean Bug ‘Hallyu’, there is no cure! I am just kidding, it simply indicates that you are developing stronger sense in fashion and there is nothing wrong into buying some extra ways to enhance the look. Men of the modern era don’t mind going to an extra length to be called ‘sexy and hot’, the most important element involved in their personality is indeed the hairstyle they wear. Let’s be straightforward, if you are a kind of man with short, messy haircut that’s too appalling in all angles, chances are you won’t see beautiful girls wiggling around you in the classrooms. Hot guys always have some sort of personalized style that translates their inner charm. 

Now let’s talk about the most elegant Korean Hairstyles for men that are in news these days. So what are the most trending Korean Haircuts of the year that college boys and DJs can wear alike? The one of the best Korean hairstyle is ‘spike all over or in the middle’, the side hair is cut in a soldier haircut style while the rest of hair in the middle is styled upward in beautiful spikes using the gel. I have researched a lot on as what are possible Korean Hairstyles for men that are easy to wear and maintain and that’s what I have found:

 Korean Spikes: Korean young boys love coloring their spikes- I am sure you have already met with a cute red head Asian but it didn’t make you surprise at all.Ethnic tags are no longer seen as obligation restriction when it comes to sticking to a new fashion and a clear example of this statement can be found in Europe. A Korean man with red or blue streaks is likely to get more noticed, not for this odd style but for the uniqueness of hair. The same goes with college boys, you won’t see them wearing a lot of straight or layered haircuts because they simply want to look fantastic.


Most Korean men opt for spikes- not the traditional ones which we usually see in the hairstyles magazine; they arrange their hair in special vertical directions to give an oomph to their looks. The hair sometimes looks to be arranged in spikes but it’s not, it’s just set upward in a smart way in the similar way as spikes are done. In real, it is a talented assortment of layered haircut.

Emo Layers: I am sure you haven’t heard of this term yet anywhere but I have named this particular hairstyle Korean Emo Layers and I truly believe that this style is going to be amongst most popular Korean Hairstyles for men in year 2015 and 2016. What exactly it is? The hair is first chopped from the front, side hair also included, the style is then set by applying massive amount of gen on the front hair. When completed, this Korean hairstyle gives an impression of emo layers because hair falls at the front (sometimes hiding one of two eyes and the direction is either left or right for the falling hair), small layers with the style bring off very well.

modern korean men hairstyles

Pink is their favorite  hair shade because they love to add a delicate feel to their appearance.korean boy regular hairstyle

Thick Korean haircuts: This Korean hairstyle is a version of messy, thick haircut and is usually suitable for men who have dense or curly hair to style daily. For the style, hair is chopped in equal length from the front and then set beautifully by parting from the middle or side.

korean men haircut idea

No matter what the cut is, the hair always turns out to be thicker in the texture in the end.korean men hairstyles

Korean Mohawk hairstyle: Korean Mohawk hairstyles are usually different from ones we have already seen in the men’s hairstyles magazine. The hair is cut in layers for the style, later spikes or long feathers are set with it.

korean men split hair idea

Korean bangs: I have already mentioned that Korean love dying their hair regardless of their age, I am not just referring to young women or man but also mature Korean Businessmen here. It might not be very easy for one to maintain or handle Korean bang haircuts unless one has plenty of time for it. This style can also be called Rocker hairstyle as it makes the top of Korean hairstyles for men in the fashion industry.

korean men regular hair style idea

All the layers have been brushed in upward direction.korean man hairstyles ideas

Korean Layered hairstyles: Korean men don’t shy of wearing long layers regardless of the field they work in- you will notice that even big business tycoons show off their bangs by setting special effects to hair daily in the office. Maybe it’s their craze for fashion or something else.

korean men bowl cut idea

Medium fade.

korean man regular fade cut idea

Regular style for anyone.

korean men regylar haircut

Permed hair with hair coloring.

korean men spike hairstyle

Cornrows with ribbon weaving.korean man cornrows style idea


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