Kristen Stewart Hairstyles Ideas and Inspiration

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Kristen Stewart hairstyles 2016 have been on the news ever since this year has started- it seems that she is paying too much attention to personal grooming and styling. In other words, she’s started to show some interest in her ‘personal style and look’, it’s a great news, a starlet, famous like her, must take care of personal appearance as the public has too much expectations when you are famous. The people had assumed that Kristen Steward was a less-careful actress because she would appear with messy hair or a hairstyle that was half-done or otherwise roughly done. Her style, especially her messy bangs, always were a big concern of her fans because they wanted to see her look great ‘all the time’.

Now let’s talk about Kristen Stewart hairstyles 2016- she appears to be more trendy and more stylish than the previous year as she has already been seen in nicely done braids at some events. That’s good for her, she is not showing up with messy, rough hair as she usually would in the past. The kind of braid she sports are really wonderful, somewhat pleasant on her face as well. Let’s check out some of the pictures of Kristen’s hairstyles of 2014, she has worn braids mostly in January and February but she also appeared in long bangs and a small ponytail braid this year- variety can be seen in her fashion clearly, we are enjoying it.

As of now her hairstyle is very trending because she has chosen to show us her hippie type makeover by wearing three different versions of styles on different occasions which are as follows:

One sided and rough hairstyle is the one she has been wearing lately. What she does is that she brushes the hair on one side that makes some rough waves and textures which look very appealing and visually attractive on her facial frame. On some occasions she also have some curls formed on the short hair, which is a challenge, the thing is how to get spirals on already cropped hair, bravo to her hair stylist who is doing is very meticulously without making mistakes.

Sleek and brushed down style is another which is making a big buzz. I am surprised to see how wonderfully she has been wearing the short cut. If you have always wondered as how to style short hair, take inspiration from the young lady, she work the sleekest short cut ever.

The third version is one which is big messier. She dons smokey makeup as usual and let her natural hair be formed in some kind of curls. The ombre of two color also looks wonderful on her complexion.

Kristen style casual side braid for parties

Kristen stewart with super short hair 2016

Kristen stewart with super short hair 2016

Kristen stewart with short, frizzy haircut in 2016

kristen stewart wearing off shoulder dress with side micro braid hairstyle

kristen stewart wearing off shoulder dress with side micro braid hairstyle

Kristen stewart hair makeover 2016

Kristen stewart hair makeover 2016

Kristen stewart funky braid ideas

formal party hairstyles of kristen stewart in 2016

formal hairstyle ideas by Kristen Stewart

beautiful short haircut of kristen stewart

These are some of the styles she has worn on events so far. She would keep changing her makeup for certain, let’s see what she shows us next.

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