learn how to apply eyeliner

I can understand why it is so difficult to apply eyeliner on daily basis for some girls. Putting on some sleek pink or beige eye shadows is pretty easy, it does not take even a minute because doing so is very much hassle-free, all you have to do is pick a color from the eyeshadow palette and pick the color that matches your outfits, use a soft shadow brush to apply it on your eyes. This is simple and enjoyable.

The pressing question is how to apply eyeliner without much difficult and without making errors. Remember that just one mistake in the application would make you to erase the whole eye makeup and redo it, I would be time consuming. I am sharing a tutorial, which will help you to learn eyeliner application through a  brush.

Here are few steps if you want to learn eyeliner application through a brush.

learn how to apply eyeliner

Draw a line on the corner of the eye.

Stretch the line and make an outline, it’s like making a rough sketch of something.

Now use the black liner again and fill it within the lines you have drawn.

Redo it to make a bring neatness in the eyeliner.


Things to do before you apply:

  1. Dab the powder puff in a good face powder which is slightly lighter than the color of your eyes and apply it on the eyes. Or alternatively you can apply a concealer on the area.
  2. Make one thin line in the beginning since you are learning how to do it right, your each move should be careful or else you will not get a nicely shaped line on the lid.
  3. To make curve, keep the line straight from the inner corner of the eye to the middle and then bend it upward as if you are drawing a curve on the paper.
  4. Don’t stressed out if you run out of liner in the middle, dip the brush again and then start from the point where you left the drawing.
  5. Keep in mind that when you learn to apply eyeliner through a brush your line will turn out to be perfect when you use your drawing skills. Keep practice with a removable eyeliner just in case you are not sure if you can do it in one setting without enough practice.
  6. Last but not the least, you can master different styles of the eyeliner when you learn to copy the basic ones, making flicks would be more easier when you get control of the brush and get rid of the shaking hands problems.

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