scene tattoo with tree and bird leg

Women love their leg tattoos to be bright, and fanciful, adding grace to their endowment. The curves of the calves seem to accentuate the beauty of the tattoos, making a more subtle place for your ink. One good thing about inking is that you do not have to copy what someone else has done but what they wear can give you ideas to your own design. Here are some ideas to get your design on the way, these are some of the most popular, top leg tattoos for women as well as for girls:

Flowers: the leafy vines that extend to the stalk form a nice background to otherwise, lonely petals. Flowers are amongst most sought after leg tattoos for women as they symbolize love, purity, and delicacy. They go hand to hand with the personality and nature of women, they will always describe you in a good language no matter what your age, race and color is.

lily flower tattoo leg

Beautiful abstract nature design.


roses tattoo legs

Blue flowers have an added beauty.

blue rose with skeleton leg tattoo

Birds: birds are often great elements especially when they are a pair on each leg. All girls and women love birds as they can fly in the sky and have their own freedom to benefit from. They represent freedom, love and unity and these traits are all a woman is usually born with except for one freedom which may be availed only in certain environments and  cultures.

scene tattoo with tree and bird leg

This design is night, the feather is turning into birds.
birds and feathers tattoo leg

Bird sitting on a branch of the tree.bird over tree tattoo for foot

Texts with sensible meanings: this is often made of a long spiraling design starting from just above the ankle, to well above the knees. Texts have powers, they will tell other what your message is and what you want to pass on to others in writing.

life goes on tattoo leg

It’s for lifting up the courage.text tattoo leg

Butterflies: a number of butterflies may be drawn supported by a long flower vine. They are colorful just like women and they are beautiful, too, no more words to be written more to explain how they relate to women’s nature and beauty in different ways.

cute black butterflies tattoo

Pink inking done on the design.
butterflies kissing flowers tattoo

Just cute girlish design.

pair of butterflies tattoo leg

This design should be loved for its abstract nature.animated butterfly tattoo leg

Ascending stars: a number of stars that start from the ankle and get bigger as they go up the knees to the thighs.

cool star tattoo foot

Lovely stars in two colors.

start with abstract design tattoo

The shooting star.shooting star tattoo leg

Originality in tattoo is as important as the message you’re trying to pass across so if you so like any of the above, you may add your own elements and make it yours.

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