Long hairstyle Ideas for girls

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There was a time when every fashion-cautious girl was chopping off her hair thinking the era for long crops was long gone. Maybe, it went but it sure is back again and has come back better this time seemingly taking revenge from those who deserted it. There are so many unique long hairstyle ideas for girls that picking one shouldn’t be problem at all these days. However, I am sharing some different, distinctive, and modern hair styling techniques and styles of hairdos that are definitely worth-trying this year.

For those who are lucky enough to still have their long hair, I have made a list of great hairstyles you may like to try out. Girls learn how to set your long hair in unique styles without having to cut or trim it. These long hairstyle ideas are very special!

The nested braid

This is an easy enough side. A single braid from the front of the hair is incorporated along with a larger single side braid. It is quite a fast one to make but does not lessen in the glamour long hairstyles can add to you.

special chignon idea for long hair

The reason why it is called a nested braid is because all the hair is just curled, braided and then intertwined to make a web like structure where you can notice the pattern.

curled hair idea for long hair

This one is also nested but is then tied up in an updo.

pinned updo idea for long hair

Cute blunt bangs

Add a freshly cropped fringe to your long locks and snip the center pieces allowing the outer ones more length. Perhaps a look at Zooey Deschanel would inspire you to this style.what you do is let your long hair be in their length, just get the rough edged chopped and then pair the long length of hair with a blunt fringe on the forehead.

Blunt bangs usually have grace because the back hair is straightened up using the machine. You can try it only if you have thick type of hair.

fringe hair idea for long hair women

The fringe has been swept on the side, well if you do not like blunt one this would be good for you.side swept fringe idea for long hair women

Long bangs and pinning

Pull some sections of your hair strands up into it and hold with bobby pins underneath your hair. It is great a look for those who may have come close to cutting their hair.

Faux bob styles are ideal of long hairstyle ideas for girls because they don’t need to cut their hair to get the desired short hair look.

Pinning the updo with curls is a great idea to tame your long and lush hair and this would work for parties.

curling idea for long hair women

The entire back has been covered with the chignon braid, then you may open it up to get some messy coils.

special chignon idea for long hair

Chopped hair

Hair is chopped in different angels according to the features and face shape. Hair length is normally decided during the cutting. Hair is chopped in different dimensions to bring off a unique look.  Chopped hairs are amongst medium long hairstyles of 2013 but you can also go for short ones if your hair length is shorter.

chopped hair idea for long hair girl

Braided mane

Separate your hair strands into two large sections by parting at the sides. French braid each section along your hairline and wind them up at the back.

Your long hair provides an avenue for you to experiment on it. You never have a dull moment with long hair. Braided mane styles are suitable for extra long and medium hair.

cute braid idea for long hair 2016

There is a heart shaped braid with some waves in the middle.

creative braid idea for long hair women

Try this when your hair is very healthy and thick in texture.

piggy fishtail idea for long hair girl

Braid should be different like this one.
beach braid idea for long hair

I hope you love these long hairstyles ideas for girls, they will definitely help you in your decision.








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