Long Hairstyles for Guys

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Today I am going to talk about a little on long hairstyles for guys because there are seemingly more men wearing long hair just like ladies do. Why is it happening? Would there be a time when it would be difficult for us to differentiate between a man and a woman? What will happen if you take a man for a woman? It is funny to think this way. Suppose you are walking near a marketplace where you suddenly have seen a nice woman with a narrow waist walking down the road alone- the hair is flowing at the gush of the wind and an idea strikes you and that’s what if this lady could be a love of your life. You chases her all the way along and at one point you rush walk towards her to get a glimpse of her face and you are shocked right there, feeling frozen on y feet when you find out that the lady is not a lady, in fact you have taken a guy with a long hair as a beautiful lady. Could this happen in real? Yes, indeed, it could. With so many modern musicians and band-runners wearing long hair,  not just long,  we’d better call it extra long hair, it is hard to find out who’s behind those big bangs- a female with an acoustic voice or a man with dense beard.

When you walk someone with extra long hair walking on the road, don’t follow them or later you would end up with a bad remorse for meeting a lady-like-man.  I don’t want to sound funny  but it seems ridiculous for the boys to transform themselves into ladies (not genetically but just literally).

There is nothing wrong for the boys to wear extra long hairstyles as long as they know they won’t be criticized by people  of their social communities. The first one to raise a critique on a boy for having extra long hair would be the parents perhaps, so you have got to ask for your parent permission before you risk your reputation  in the communities.

I personally don’t consider that long hairstyles are taboo- they are trendy as long as are not across the stipulated boundaries of men’s fashion.  It is good to grow your hair long if you are eager to do it but don’t overdo it- it would give others  a chance to make fun of you.  Go for it only if you know you can handle everyone mocking on you in the streets and in the college.

Honestly extra long hair on men could be gorgeous if they know how to maintain it and how to present it by not giving an impression of lady. I am sharing some of the ideas on long hairstyles for guys just in case you are looking to transform yourself in the near future or have an urge to grow your hair longer than what is considered enough for man.

Girly Blonde Locks Men

For an oblong face like he has, special styling technique is required. Since his blond locks have edges that need to be styled around the face, he has set up some layers in order to look great. His goatee isn’t wonderful but it is making a good pair with hair itself, so let’s say one word ‘wonderful’ for this man for bravery.

long blonde men hair 2014

Slightly western long hair

There are some roughly textured locks on the sides but they are not as bad as we usually think because men tends to rough hair even though they use creams. This western man is right not off the track for fashion because his beard has not made him to lost his charm factor called Masculinity.

extra long men hair2014

Long Black Locks for men

Laid back long hair can make you very creative in terms of your persona because this approach is being used or tried by many men as yet even though they are passionate to do a different kind of hair styling. Lack of bravery gives their passions away perhaps.
long black men hair 2014

Wear it with colors:

As a man you have a good choice to dye your hair just like women do so here is one nice guy showing off a nice hair color on his beautiful long locks which are trimmed at the bottom.

long wavy men hair 2014

Long curls for black men

Though they are usually born with small coils but they can still beautify the conditions of hair by getting it permed. Those who want to wear long hair with tight coils must opt for tight or medium perming, this is what they should dream to achieve in the end.

long curly men hair 2015

Great Hippie man with long hair

Not uncommon for magicians and hippies to have such long layers with center parted brushing.  He is smiling because he is confident.

super long men hairstyles 2015

Long tresses with beard:

This guy with long hair has imitated a nice girly hairstyle but has failed to impress us with his beard which is very rough for being dyed in an awkward color. Despite all this, he is great because he is unique in hi

s own way.

long hair men with beard 2015

Long Wavy Locks for guys:

For boys there are some nice hairstyles under category of long- shown below is a curly variation which has just some light waves that can be pulled off gracefully without ado. Try it to see how comfortable they are.
long hairstyles men 2014

Golden Long Hair man:

Don’t take him for your girlfriend ‘Jennifer’ because he has been trying to grow hair by doing extensive efforts. Though his genetic codes have allowed him to have this much beautiful blonde hair but the color is somewhat girly which is neither awkward nor awesome.

long brown hair men 2015

Cool guy with cool locks

What a grizzly face impression, right?

white male long hairstyle 2014

Long red haired man:

I love this red brown colors on his lock. Try such shades when you have white skin and nice facial features or else you would look a bit odd.


Long hairstyle for men with ponytail:

It’s a three in one hairstyle because side shaving is an extra feature.

stylish undercut nape men ponytail

Teenage man wearing long layers

He isn’t not wild, instead he is extremely fashionable. Love this cross necklace and friendship band, you can make your own impression by wearing different types of jewelry items.extra lengthy men hairstyles 2015


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