Lucky violet makeup ideas in 2018 with unique eyes makeup

I love unique ideas especially when they incorporate art and body painting as well. This post is about makeup art ideas 2018, makeup ideas 2018 and cute eyes makeup 2018. If you are really looking forward for experimenting with different styles eye shadows techniques which could include mermaid glitter, colored eye liners and intense eyes highlights, you will not be disappointed to review the makeup ideas 2018 I am sharing in this post.

Pop art makeup is making a big buzz this year because it is really fun to create a cartoon makeover from one of your favorite comic books. However, besides pop art makeup there are now many new genre arising in the industry which are a mixture of art, craft and pop all together. Modern makeup ideas 2018 are not only trendy but also unique the way makeover is being done. Art is all about playing with colors, by using appropriate colors, glitter, eyes highlight shadows and color eye liners, you can pretty much turn yourself into someone more beautiful than before.

If you are looking to get attention this year, you should try to do the following things:

  1. Be creative and come up with a nice makeover ideas for 2018, pick any theme. Keep in mind that makeup can be worn on parties, nobody would mind you seeing you in an overbold makeup.
  2. Smokey eyes makeup is still in trend, there are more ways to highlight your eyes features beyond applying black shades. Be open to new ideas.
  3. Eyes makeup 2018 would not be limited to few pastel, bold, nude or neutral shades anymore, you need to give a try to all eyes shadow color pallets this year regardless of how sharp or bright a certain color is. Keep in mind that for black complexion, color selection needs to be done wisely.

Here are some of the best makeup ideas 2018 which have inspired me. Hope you will like these.

Miserable clown makeup with red rhinestones all over the face , particularly around the eyes.

Miserable clown makeup ideas for 2018

Diamond Skull tress makeup ideas- all the rhinestones are making a nice combo with violet hair combo, the highlights used insensibly for highlighting the jaw bones. Colored eyes brows will make a nice trend this year, do not shy of using eye brow shades to make a contrast of your eyes brows with the hair color you wear.
Diamond skulltress makeup ideas pop art makeup for 2018This one makeup ideas 2018 is called bad apple, you can guess that name is given due to the color of hair. The same color is used for creating eyes makeup ideas of 2018.Bad apple makeup art ideasThis one can be called winter makeup, the eyes brows are matching the hair color again which is dark gray. This is how you can merge some silver glitter with your gray eyes makeup.Ombre hair with grey eyes makeup for 2018This one Halloween Wednesday makeup is good for Halloween eve, it must be reminding you of a famous character from Addams family “Wednesday Addams”. Halloween style wednesday makeup art 2018

This is called Frost flower makeup art 2018 because it includes painting of flowers on and around the eyes areas, some flowers are painted over the violet eyes brows as well.Frosty flower makeup art ideas 2018You should look like a winter queen by wearing a crown of flowers. The eyes makeup 2018 is called bubble gum art because different sized beads are glued on makeup, for creating the illusion of blown bubblegum.

Pity party makeup ideas 2018This one is for special events, if you want to throw some parties, this one could be pulled off with it. This makeup theme 2018 is called Beetle juice. Beetle juice makeup 2018 with green hair

Icicle or Ice-ice baby makeup is so amazing, the eyes brows are dyed in sky blue color. If you do not want to dye your eyes brows you can use colored eyes brown pencils or pasty-shades which glide easily onto hair.Some pop art makeup effect has been created by applying dots under the eyes makeup, right over the shimmer on the high bones.  Ice ice baby makeup for 2018Who can forget corpse bride makeup? Pop art makeup corpse bride 2018This is a snow fairy makeup 2018, it can be worn on Christmas day as well as on New year. If you are going to throw some cool parties on New Year or on Christmas 2018, you should give a go to this eyes makeup idea. Cute snow fairy makeup art ideas for eyes 2018

Lucky violet makeup 2018  is so cute. Some makeup art is done under the yellow/violet eyes makeup by sprinkling the violet shade for creating pop art effect.
Lucky violet makeup ideas in 2018 with unique eyes makeupIf you are still in love with dark eyes shadow, this smokey eyes makeup 2018 will make everyone to turn back to look at you. The hair is dyed in subtle matte blonde color, the eyes brows have been dyed in the same color, though little dark for making a nice contrast.Smokey eyes makeup 2018 for blonde women

The dark side of the moon makeup 2018 looks amazing, it has glitter along with glitter scales glues on the lower lid which is creating a nice effect. This makeup will definitely make a center of attention on parties.Dark side of the mood makeup art 2018

I personally love this hair color which has ombre hair gradient effect, it has green and dark gray with black to it. The eyes makeup is making a nice combo with overall hair color and complexion.Subculture makeup ideas 2018 with green hairSteampunk makeup art 2018 will going to be famous soon. This one includes pop art along with machine age makeup accessories, which is making the entire makeover so flamboyant.Steampunk makeup ideas 2018

Tooth fairy makeup art is kind of best favorite one, it has glamour besides art inspired by the horror story.Tooth fairy makeup art ideas 2018This is simple pop art makeup ideas 2018, good for parties. Pop art makeup ideas 2018 for creative mindsThis is called Voyage makeup, it has colors and hair highlights. Blue is vibrant color to add in the makeup for parties, basically it has all the hues that can make you a fashion diva for the party. Voyage 2018 makeup ideas for girlsSource

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