Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Poster Ideas (imaginary)

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I have designed some of personal Marilyn Monroe tattoo poster ideas which I think are really worth sharing.Though she is not here with us anymore to set new trends but if she were alive she would have sported some of the coolest tattoos on her body.

Marilyn Monroe was a famous name of the 19th century, she was regarded as a big sex symbol of the time. Everyone would dream to meet with the star who had some personal issues to deal with- for the world, she was a happy and sweet girl, but behind the curtains she had had some real psychological issues related to her past life.  She was trying to be normal but something just couldn’t come right up and made her to commit suicide on a one lonely, sad night. Alas she’s no more with her but we still remember her name, her style, her smile as well as her fashion. Though she died long, long ago but her memories have never faded away from our life and mind.She still lives here with us; her fashion still lingers in the industry. As a designer it is a big tribute to paint anything related to this 1960s fashion icon; I have tried creating Marilyn Monroe tattoo poster myself, each one is different with a different design and theme.I hope you will like these Marilyn Monroe tattoos which I have designed.
All the modern fashion designers believe that Marilyn was embracing latest fashion but in her own style which was ahead of time.  Her collection for the clothes were somewhat modern, stylish and beautiful. The dresses that we are seeing today were already worn by the star and that was a kind of big thing. Fashion designers think that there was a magic in her body just like her face, she knew how to don an outfit to look wonderful.
Though Marilyn isn’t alive anymore and several years have been passed since he’d died, but we still imagine her, what kind of fashion would she have been doing if she was alive and what types of tattoos would she have been chosen if she was to choose some designs? Here is another imaginary Marilyn Monroe tattoo poster which you might like.
Here is a good artistic presentation of Marilyn Monroe’s body tattoos and the work is totally imaginary, well-thought of. She would have chosen some skulls to be inked on her body as well as her name right over the breast (Only if she was alive).
Check out Marilyn Monroe’s body tattoos now, everyone is welcome to make a comment.

Beautiful marilyn monroe tattoo posters designs

Marilyn monroe tattoo designs

Marilyn monroe tattoo poster designs

Marilyn monroe tattoo ideas

Marilyn monroe tattoos imaginary

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