Meanings of Amaryllis Flower Tattoos

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Over the years human beings have adored flowers as well as they devised and associated special meanings to every flower and leaf that grows on the earth. The language of flower was recognized as meaningful during Victorian Time in 1900 when Lady Mary Wortley played important role in bringing up flowers in the attention, not just for their beauty and importance in the mother nature but also for the meanings they convey.

Why do flowers have been some symbols or are being associated with some solid meanings while they don’t even speak. The way they are structured and framed by the order of petals actually describe what these flowers do say silently and what possible messages they are delivering through their arranged sepals.


Amaryllis is one of the most beautiful flowers of the world, mostly taken by people for indoor gardening or flower blooming in a spare landscape. The flower is very bulbous where each bulb is around 5-10 cm in the diameter, it has two species, the common name of the two is Amaryllis Belladonna, it is usually found in regions of South Africa where it grows during warm climate. The flower is a non-tolerant of harsh winter or environment so it become dormant during winter and blossoms again in the next summer and fall.The botanical name of Amaryllis is Hippeastrum and it is also known for having many names such as Belladonna Lily, naked Lily and Jersey lily.

Meanings of Amaryllis flower tattoos:These flowers were given as a gift to writers, artists, and poets to show gratitude as well as respect for their work. Success, liberty, praise, beauty, and encouragement are few basic symbols of Amaryllis flower tattoos. They also symbolize pride and determination, so if your life is clearly lacking the energy you need to do something you can get Amaryllis flower tattoo inked on your body.

Here are brief meanings of Amaryllis flower tattoos in bullet points to help you understand what they actually symbolize:

  1. Determination
  2. Encouragement 
  3. Radiance
  4. Success after an endeavor or hard work 

Pictures of Anemone flower tattoos

The red shading is done inside the petals only which is making this entire design very realistic.

amarylis tattoo on leg

It’s done neatly and beautifully on the shoulder.

amarylis tattoo on shoulder

The design fits so well on the rib cage.

amarylis tattoo idea on body

The design shows a fully blossomed flower on the upper shoulder.
amarylis tattoo idea for shoulder

Some variations that you can definitely try.amarylis flowertattoo foot

Amarylis on the thigh with nice background color contrast.


On the foot along with date and time.

Done on the back shoulder in soft pastels.

Very nicely done design with some leaves and ivies.


It’s single yet attractive. Good for anyone wants to have only one flower tattoo.

amarylis flower tattoo rib cage

Two amarylis side by side with wines.


One more idea which has an abstract touch to it.


On the foot with a text or quote.amarllyis-tattoo-foot


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