red camellia flower tattoo

Camellia flower is very delicate having soft, supple and round petals in various arrangements to showcase their beauty. The flower grows on camellia plant which is said to be an evergreen shrub, grows mostly in Eastern and Southern Asia such as Japan and China.


The plan has said to have more than 120 specifies but botanists seem to have confusion over the number so we can’t tell how many species do exist.  The flower can be planted indoors provided that the season and weather is favorible for the growth- it opens in winter and blooms in late fall or early spring.

What are meanings of Camellia flower tattoos? All the symbolism that are infused with this flower have something to do with your heart and beloved one. Camellia flower tattoo of pink means you have longing in your heart for your beloved one and red Camellia flower tattoo expresses that you have got feelings or flames inside heart for someone special whilst the white camellia flower tattoo indicates perfection and loveliness.

Different people derive different meanings from Camellia flower tattoos but some meanings can’t never be changed such as you have got passion or desire for a beloved.

I have a longing for you: If your words can’t express anything explicitly or illicitly, you need to find another way to express your feelings- send some camellias in red, pink and blue to tell them you crave for them.

Superstition: The only negative meanings of camellia flower tattoo I have found is insanity- a superstition is attahced with the flower itself that when it is sent to someone you sorely miss, a fairly drags the feet of the person and bring it to your doorsteps in a snap, which is ridiculous. Such types were stories were interesting to hear and spread in Victorian era, now the time has changed a lot. Let’s not talk about all the urban stories that lack the shreds of truth.

Red Camellia is more descriptive in its meanings than other colors because it has tinge of blood shade. Red itself is a symbol of love.

red camellia flower tattoo

Camellia flower inking always appear to be delicate and soft in their appearance because the structure of the flower itself is somewhat delicate.

pink camellia flower tattoo

Here is the fully blossomed camellia on the wrist, this is my favorite because each petal is drawn nicely, it will catch attention you always need.

delicate pink camellia flower tattoo idea

This one is very simple with rustic pink shading inside the petals.

camellia flower tattoo back

Pink camellia is surrounded by blue flowers which have added beauty to the entire design.

blue camellia flower tattoos on shoulder

There are some dark leaves around the petals which look lovely.
pink camellia flower tattoo on wrist

I hope you have enjoyed reading these meanings of camellia flower tattoos, if you want me to add any particular meaning which is logically attributed with the tattoo by experts you can write me regarding it,  I will add it.

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