Violet anemone flower on shoulder

Anemone is a Greek word which means ‘daughter of wind’, this flower is a native of temperate zones and has more than 120 species. It grows from a perennial plant whose stem can be either standing or prostrate depending on the specie. The flower belongs to family Ranunculaceae and is said to grow in different colors, purple black, orange, white and red anemones being the most popular ones of all.

There are different meanings of anemone flower tattoo, on a good note it means that prediction is possible and you can handle a storm-like critical situation easily before it hovers over your head by making a proper plan. On a negative note, the meaning of anemone flower tattoo differs- it means that your hope is fading as the trouble comes and that you can protect yourself from evil forces, the least you can do to save yourself is hide somewhere safe. The feelings of hopeless, haplessness, sadness, moans and tears are associated with the anemone flower tattoo.

 History of anemone flowers: If you love history and have vast knowledge on the events that had some after-results which were recorded in the stories or urban tales then you would be interested to know that the story behind the anemone flower is very creative and meaningful. There are literally thousands of meanings to be derived from a flower but the feelings infused with anemone could be much extensive than what one thought ever in their their life. It’s not about a flower or its beauty, it’s more about the love that was lost centuries ago, leaving some tales.  The metamorphoses tells that the plant of anemone was created by a goddess whose name was Venus. She was in love with Adonis and mourned his death by shedding tears tears over his blood. Her tears became nectar over the blood and that’s when anemone sprang from the plant. Though the name of the flower in Greek is daughter of the wind but the whole genus is called windflower.

What are common meanings of anemone flower tattoos: First let’s discuss the shape and pattern of petals in the flower. The petals don’t grow in clusters like other flower, they grow in 4-27 on each flower while the sepals are often missing. The petals are fined-tuned, delicate and bracket shaped so let’s assume that the flower is innocent not wild at all.

What are the meaning of anemone flower tattoos ? It is said that the flower can close its petal at sunset or when the rain is approaching, it means that it can protect itself against storm and harsh weather conditions.

The flower has a power to predict weather so it closes the petals, the same meaning can be derived by the tattoo. If you think you are blessed with the ability to predict happenings ahead of time, you can sport a nice colored anemone flower tattoo.Some other mythology connects the flower to magical powers, some believe that fairies come at night to the flower to sleep under its petals to take rest.

Violet anemon e flower on shoulder

Cute petals have been designed delicately here.

Three anemone flowers in tattoo design

Good shading is done in red.

Red anemone flower tattoo idea

Something close to the nature.

Pink anemone flower on foot

Purple anemone with black highlighting.

Beautifully blossomed anemone flower tattoo

Multi colored anemones on arm.

Anemone flowers tattoo

Anemone tattoo in grey black inking.

Anemone flower tattoo black inking

Anemone is fully blossomed here.


Anemone flower tattoo back

Beautiful anemone flower tattoo on arm.
anemone flower tattoo arm

On hand.


There are many meanings of anemone flower tattoos which cannot be covered in this short article, I have covered for the basic symbols and myths though, if anyone important comes up again I will share it with you.



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