Noteworthy meanings of Azalea flower tattoos

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Before we talk about the meanings of Azalea flower tattoos we should first read some details about the flower to learn what it is and where it grows and what its symbolism is.

Azalea Flowers: Azalea flowers are one of the most known subgenera of Rhododendron. These flowers are a kind of shrubs that have leaves and one stem- so basically a lot of voluminous flowers grows on it. Upon checking the arrangements of the Azalea flowers you will discover that their sepals are not very separated as are in the Amaryllis or Anemone flowers so they are rather softer and feminine in their impression.

Azalea flowers bloom in both winter and summer, they grow in The Northern Hemisphere during the winter and in Southern Hemisphere during summer. The life of these flowers is not more than a few weeks; they last longer if taken care of properly. Azaleas prefer living near trees or under shades of the trees or else they wither in the naked sunlight. They can’t tolerate with the scorching temperature sometimes, they must be kept under some sorts of shades for their better health.

 Meanings of Azalea Flowers:

Azalea does have some historical stories attached to it, the most popular one is that associated with the poetry of Du Fu who claimed that the flower is immortal and it’s perhaps because of the beauty it has. In Chinese, the flower is known as ‘Sixiang Shu’ which means ‘thinking of home bush’ and in Brazil it is symbol of their one city known as Sao Paulo.

Azalea flowers beautiful but toxic:

Though people love Azalea flowers for their beauty, softness and suppleness and above all for their unique texture where sepals are arranged in unity, giving it a more voluminous and rich look, but the fact is that it is highly toxic. The flower secrets a highly deadly toxin ‘andromedotoxins’ and it’s also found in the nectar, honey and leaves of the same shrub.

Old meanings of Azalea flowers: Azalea flowers were rarely given as a gift in the old times because receiving the flowers as a souvenir in a black vase was potentially considered as a death threat or warning, but now there are different meanings attached with the bouquet and one of these is love.

Meanings of Azalea flower tattoos: There can be several meanings of Azalea flower tattoos, if you are a man and have this flower inked on your body, it might mean that you respect womanhood and love to be in contact with a lady either physically or spiritually. And that you believe that her beauty is going to last for several years and may continue to be impressive in her old age as well.

If you are a woman and got Azalea flower tattoo on your body, it indicates that you have love for other ladies, girls and women around you and you really admire their existence in the world. If you are very young the azalea flower tattoo could also mean that you are beautiful not just from the inside but in the inside as well and your beauty is not immortal, it can still last for years to come.

The petals are cute for any wrist.

azalea flower tattoo

I like this blue one, it is cute.

blue azalea flower tattoo

It’s fully centered on the back.

azalea tattoo upper back

I like this one for the color it contains.

azalea tattoo shoulder

It seems it has fully blossomed.

azalea tattoo ribs

Nice for legs.

azalea tattoo leg

Very soft and delicate one for foot.azalea tattoo foot

In other words, the most logical meanings of Azalea flower tattoos are respect for beauty, admiration of womanhood, and respect for women. If a man gifts a bouquet of azalea flowers to his wife, he is asking her to stay beautiful for him forever.



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