Birds of Paradise flowers are a genus of family Strelitziaceae therefore they are also known as Strelitzias as a short form in botany. Birds of paradise flowers are very colorful, unique in their texture and design, and adorable for their color combinations. These flowers are usually comprise of 3-4 very beautiful scarlet or orange petals which grow vertically and they have 2-3 sepals in dark blue shade which grow horizontally. Other colorful features of the flowers, including bright sepals of pink, magenta or other shade, giving them a very distinctive bird like look and you will discover that they have a beak, tail, and feathers just like any bird.

The plant of Birds of Paradise flowers is usually very tall with very notable leaves. The plantation of the flowers require a very warm temperature that should be between 68 to 72 degree centigrade while just think that how much hot it would be in 72 degree centigrade while the maximum temperature in summer does not usually goes above 50 degree centigrade.

Bird of paradise flowers used to bloom in South Africa and they were among five major species of family Strelitzaceae, they were known as crane flower in the country. Now the flowers are known by Bird of Paradise instead of Strelitzas.

Meanings of Bird of Paradise Flower tattoos: It would be very creative of one to get a tattoo of bird of paradise done on their beauty, it can make one very noticeable and adorable, above all admirable for having a different taste in the tattoo selection.

Many couples exchange a bouquet of bird of paradise flowers on their ninth wedding anniversary because when they are given for this occasion they symbolize faithfulness and honesty. They indicate or prove that both of the partners have been very loyal to each other throughout their marital relation and they have come a long way by overcoming all hurdles and troubles of the life.

Some very exciting meanings of birds of paradise flower tattoos are as follows:

Joyfulness: By having a bird of flower tattoo you are silently telling others that you are full of life, colorful, optimistic and joyful, though just like any other human specie you have sad feelings sometimes but you know how to get through them and be happy again.

Happiness and pleasure: These two words are one of many other descriptive meanings of bird of flower tattoos. Did you know that a multi-bloomed bird of paradise flowers are used in wedding decorations for inviting pleasure and excitement to it? So if you get a tattoo anywhere, it would mean that you are a kind of happy person no matter how difficult the life becomes sometimes for you. By getting a tattoo, you are also expressing your freedom to others; because flying with freedom, freely in the air, is what most birds do.

Orange color is noticeable.


Not bad if you get it done on the lower ab.


On side of the back, well the structure or shape of the flower cannot cover the entire body unless you choose to have a full garden of flowers inked.


As I mentioned above, sometimes you need to consider having a garden tattooed, here is one examples. It has more colors though, the meanings are still conveyable.


It has a kind of animated effect, but it’s all right.


On the back with some natural objects like birds.


On the leg. It is looking awesome and neat.

I hope you have enjoyed browsing these tattoos and reading powerful meanings of birds of paradise flower tattoos. Now you can decide whether or not this flower will make for a good tat design for your personality.


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