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Bluebell flowers are grown in many countries; the two more popular ones are United Kingdom and Spain. These flowers are known by different names such as Hyacinthaoides non-scripta (botany), common bluebell or bluebell (English), and harebell (in Scotland, UK). These flowers bloom and grow in a very humid and table feather condition thus the idea place for their growth is woodland where they sometimes grow in a carpet of violet-blue flowers in the entire area.

Texture of the bluebell flowers:

As for their texture, they have got too much popularity around the world and people know that these flowers really have some hidden myths, stories, and meanings yet to reveal.  The flower grows from a bulbous plant, producing in an inflorescence of five to twelve tubular flowers which can be either deep blue, pale blue, violet-blue, and white-blue in colors deepening on their cross breeding and hybridizing.  These flowers are like bells in their shape with two to three linear Basel leaves and 5-6 curved tepals.

young blossomed bluebell tattoo

Meanings of Bluebell flower tattoos:

There are different meanings of bluebells; they symbolize gratitude, constancy, and enternal love. If you are in love with someone else and believe that it’s not just pure but also every lasting then these flowers should be given as a gift to the beloved one. Having a one or two set of bluebell flower tattoos could have different meanings;

vibrant blue bell tattoo

unique bluebell tattoo designing

You are living in a fantasy world of your own; it was created by you and is being nurtured by you. A lot of women do have some fantasies regarding some special ones, some adore prince while others just want to spend some special moments with their loved one in a special place or environment, what could be a better place for them than a world of fantasy where butterfly can talk, fairies can walk, and birds can be your friends. So with your bluebell tattoos, you can’t just go in any unknown world but can’t surely travel to a world which is created by your mind or is just imaginary yet valuable to you. Did you know that bluebells are also sometimes known as ‘fairy thimbles’ because there is a story attached to the flowers- some believe that these flowers are somewhere from the realm of fairies and they would never like these flowers to be hurt or plucking the garden and anyone who wanted to have a word with fairies would ring these flowers.

Two sides: dark and light

The other meaning of bluebell flower tattoos could be living positive having two sides where one is dark and the other is bright. Bluebell flowers are known as harebells in the Scotland and that’s for a reason, the name origination because hares started to hide in the field of woodlands under the flowers. So there is another myth that witches changed them to hares to hide beneath or under the bluebell flowers.

beautiful blue bell on arm

Dead Man’s bells:

Another name of bluebell flowers is Dead Man’s bells- as depicted above, fairies would get very angry and cast spell on those who would picking the flowers and damaging them brutally so there is just a warning that you should not pick the flower or detach it with the other bells with the intention of taking it home for gardening or for other reason. In the language of bluebell flower tattoos, it could mean that you have a loved one with you and the tattoo is a reminiscent of him, you don’t want anyone to take him elsewhere with them or they may get hurt. The result could be lethal.

Some designs that you can opt for are as follows:

With blue stems and teal wines:

The beauty of the design always lies in the good shading technique which can be definitely seen here. Small curvy bushes around the flowers are seemingly protecting them but they are just a part of the nature and greenery. Some flowers have been sprung up fully while two are still young, on the way to grow up.

twins bluebell tats

The Use of gray and black:

Some girls don’t like it real blue so they go for black and gray shades. The design also has a ribbon band on it whch is made of the brushes.

lower back blue bell in black color

More colors in tattoo and Abstract nature:

This is what it says in the message along with the flower:

The substance of things hoped for,

The evidence of things not seen,

bluebell tattoo with colors

Very cute birds with lavish feathers:

Birds are just a part of nature, they roam around flowers in the garden and in this design it seems to have a very strong connection with the blue bell flower, the love can be seen and felt.
bluebell tattoo with bird

Combination of blue bell with other flower species:

All the bluebells in this tattoo design are young, soothing, and relaxing and they are facing down due to the gravity. This is what they look like when they are in the process of growth.

bluebell tattoo on shoulder

Connected wine of blue bells with birds:

Making some birds around the design makes a lot of sense since the pattern itself belongs to our nature and it should be justified very well in terms of aspects and drawings. This one is cool and on going with the connected wines.

bluebell tattoo design

Tattoo of bluebell for thighs:

I did not want to add this example for blue bell because her thigh is bit hairy and rough, but I have posted it somehow due to the excellent drawing of the flowers. I love the way they are growing up over each other in a good pattern.
blue bell tat on leg

Cute Blue bell tattoo with purple petals:

This is cute and very girlish so I thought it would be good to share it with everyone.bluebell on foot



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