Meanings of Eagle tattoos

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Most tattoo artists believe that if you wear a tattoo that matches your personality, feelings, and behavior, you can feel a big difference in your lifestyle- like if you are brave but lack confidence,  a great eagle tattoo design will be a big encouragement for you, it will feed your inner body with confidence and ease from the inside, only if you have great beliefs on the power of animal.
The Eagle belongs to particular animal family known as family Accipetridae, thus it is often known as a brave bird of prey since it mostly preys on fish and water birds while flying in the air. It can grab its prey in a blink of eyes while flying in the air. There are three types of eagles known as crowned eagle, Stellar’s Sea eagle, and booted eagle. The crowned eagle is also known as crowned hawk eagle as it is one of the most ferocious and powerful eagles of Africa. It has got hindlegs which are sharp enough to kill an animal by crushing its skulls. It preys on mammals, monkeys, lizards, water birds and rock hyrax. The second type of eagle is Stellar’s sea preys on fish and birds. Booted eagle is medium sized animal of prey which hunts on small mammals, fish, and reptiles, it’s less powerful as compared to hawk eagle but it is still a brutal when it comes to preying on animals.
After a brief introduction of three types of eagles, we should now talk a little on best eagle tattoo designs 2014.  Before we proceed further, we should discuss few of the traits of the animals to see what it can do to us or what kind of change it can bring in personality when used professionally in inking.

Common meanings of eagle tattoos

Power, Control, and Hunting
Freedom and Flight
Ability to fight with enemies
I am going to share six of the best eagle tattoo designs  2014 for animal tattoo fans out there, it’s always good to get an idea about the figure or subject of the design before you inked it on your body, so let’s begin.
Eagle tattoos are worn by men normally but few ladies who keep a strong courage for fighting, clubbing and going face to face with the enemies also opt for this animal figure to show the level of strength they have gotten from the inside. Here are some meanings of eagle tattoo designs for those who are interested in knowing what background does the animal tattoo keep in real.
Symbol of Liberty and Freedom: To many native Americans, Eagle is a symbol of freedom and liberty. We all know that Egyptians used to worship this animal because it represents the sun, therefore it’s always associated with freedom whenever there is a talk to drive real meanings of the tattoo design.

Pride or love:Bald eagle tattoo presents pride or love, depending on the cause you are getting it done, it will accommodate to both in a clear sense.

Power and vigor: Master is another symbol of eagle tattoo design, since the animal is a king of birds, especially birds of prey so it is known to present strength and power.

Anyone having huge goals ahead to achieve in life can get an eagle tattoo design done on the body.

If you have urge to take vengeance, this eagle describes you.

vengeance eagle tattoo idea

Extraordinary eagle tattoo with black background highlight.

Unique eagle tattoo

The symbol of power on shoulder.

Super eagle tattoo

Something everyone will love to have.

Sailor Jerry eagle tattoo idea

The Roman eagle design.

Roman eagle tattoo idea

Many joyful colors in the wings of the bird.
Purple eagle tattoo idea

Love this design.

NW tribal eagle tattoo

Color contrast is so unique and adorable.

Eagle tattoo on biceps

A full scene has been described in a form of inking.

Eagle tattoo on biceps arm

The color blast in eagle design.

Color blask eagle tattoo

Just the upper part of bird’s body for the shoulder.

Beautiful eagle tat on shoulder

Its eyes are very realistic.
American bald eagle tattoo

The most highly rated design.3d Eagle tattoo on chest

I will keep adding more eagle tattoo designs for you,


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