Meanings of Early Star-of-Bethlehem flower Tattoos

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Early star-of-Bethlehem flower tattoos have just few meanings and these are hope, purity, and peace.  The flower is known with different names such as Radnor Lily or Gadea Bohemica, it is one of those species of Liliaceae which grow during spring, usually in April or early May depending on the weather condition.

Some people know this flower with another name ‘Welsh Star-of-Bethlehem’ because it mainly grows in Mediterranean regions, besides it is also found in some areas of Germany, France and Central Europe.

The color of Early Star-of-Bethlehem flower is usually yellows, it compromises of two types of leaves one is basil and the second is lanoelate- the leaves former one grows in just one pair which are usually twisted while the leaves of the latter type grow in one or two pairs just below the flower. The flower was first discovered in Welsh thus is also know as Welsh star-of-Bethlehem and now it is adopted by many countries and is being grown as a country flower.

Early star-of-Bethlehem flower’s plant is usually 3-5 cm long and each flower has no more than six petals of 1 and half cm long, not longer, but very supple, soft, fragile, and beautiful.

Meanings of Early star-of-Bethlehem flower Tattoos:

The first meaning of the tattoo is that you are very pure, not just from the outside but also from the inside and that you are loyal to your all relations or a particular relation with an important person who is your lover or partner.

The second meaning of early star-of-Bethlehem tattoo is that you are very religious and believe in Bible and Jesus Christ with all your heart and soul. You are a real and loyal follower of Christianity and nothing can change your faith and religious antics.

early star of bethlehem flower tattoo back

It’s catching attention spontaneously on the foot for being in the center.

early star of bethlehem tattoo foot

The third meaning of early star-of Bethlehem tattoo is that you have hopes for everything in all ups and downs of your life and no matter what the circumstances become in a difficult time period, you will remain to be optimistic under all conditions from happy to sad to good to worst.




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