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I must commend creative tattoo artists for being so much artistic in bringing up several variations in Mandala Tattoo designs. What is Mandala and what this symbol represent? If you are not much into reading books, religious books, you may on the other hand be a little interested in exploring the inner power the human beings have.

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Mandala tattoo designsMandalas are Spirituals:

Unleashing the inner demons, devils or angels is not this easy, some people rely on tattoo designs for the purpose, and they believe that by getting a symbolic design they would be able connect with all those lairs of the world which are not accessible physically. I am myself a big spiritual person, however I am always in doubt when it comes to put faith in the religious beliefs of Hinduism and Buddhism. Though their religious symbols don’t make me a good believer but they basically change the mind-set of many around the world- a few ones also opt for Mandala tattoo designs because they think that the four gates in the symbol may be doors to the places which cannot be seen.

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Symbol of power

Mandala is basically a circle, it is considered as a ritual as well as spiritual symbol having power. The design may seem very ordinary but if you look closely you will notice that there is one circle in the middle, the outer layer is square in the shape, and there are four gates at four sides of the square. There is a again a big circle outside the mandala. Mandala Tattoo designs may have triangles in place of squares and circles since there are many types of the actual symbol; Yantra, Sand Mandala and Mandala of the two Realms are few to name.

Any standard mandala tattoo has two common meanings in general; unity and harmony. It is said that the structure of the design holds some kind of power in it, the observe looks at the Mandala and keeps noticing its ups, downs and triangles and in the end he/she gets some peace of mind and relaxation. The tattoo also means life or journey of some kind that we all have started.

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Sand Art:

In Hinduism and Buddhism,  Mandala tattoo designs are considered spirituals depending on the message that they carry in the center, for instance the trinity triangle means holy spirit, mind, soul, mother, creature, father, son and son on. The art of Mandala itself is created very sacred in some cultures, so it would be good to ascertain that these designs are special, carrying positive energies for every human beings. The tree, for instance, can refer to a fruit of life- we are here and we seek progress, some goals can be achieved with positive attitude and the attitude should be started by getting an energetic mandala tattoo done on the body.




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