Meanings of Tree Tattoos Designs


Tattoos are very popular for men and women alike today. Different people get tattoos for a number of reasons. If you are thinking of getting one of a tree, find out the meanings behind various tree tattoos and what they symbolize.

Most trees have the overall symbolism of life. They are embracing life and relaying a message about it. These are a variety of trees and what they symbolize in the tattoo to get. Here are meanings of tree tattoos like cherry, bonsai, juniper, willow, and gondor.

Cherry tree tattoos for women

Cherry trees actually stand for lots of things. They could denote you simply love cherries. Then again if they are symbolizing cherry blossoms, think about spring and new life.

Chinese and Japanese cultures link the cherry blossom to women. Women will get this type of tattoo as a sign of female power. Numerous designs are in the shape of a female form.

The cherries flowers are covering the full upper back and are in distinct shape.

cherry blossom tree tattoo upper back

These flowers are very animated, cute and somewhat delicate.

cherry blossom tree tattoo on side ab

This tree has kind of abstract essence in itself.cute flowering cherry blossom tree tattoo


Bonsai trees tattoos for women

Bonsai trees are beautiful and live forever. In fact, many live up to thousands of years. Tattoos of the bonsai tree stand for extended life or a long life.

Fantasy bonsai tree tattoo


Flowering Juniper Bonsai tree tattoo

Bonsai tree tattoo with leaves

Scene bonsai tattoos on back


Cute one, it’s my favorite.

Bonsai tree tattoo side ab

Another one good for ankle

bonsai tree tattoo ankle

Willow tree tattoos  for women

The willow tree is typically exemplifying a change of some kind. It could be a change in you or a loved one or even situation. Generally the change is dramatic or life changing. You will discover even more secrets of wearing willow tattoos just keep reading the meanings of tree tattoos. The tree is associated with rituals and is said to improve or enhance the physiological abilities. It’s because it honors the moon.  If you want to have a positive attitude towards general activities you can get this tree marking done, though it looks barren physically but it is powerful in meanings and affects (review some meanings from Celtic culture).

 Japanese dead willow tattoo


 Long Tree of Willow tattoos on back


Just in case you need the design for your leg

dead willow tattoo on leg

Tree of Gondor tattoos for women

The book and movie Lord of the Rings has inspired the Tree of Gondor tattoo. Fans of the movie and book will get this one for personal reasons related to how they envision the movie or what it speaks for them.

Blue tree of gondor tattoos 


Another inspiration

tree of gondor tattoo arm

In conclusion

These are some of the most versatile of tattoo choices. Imagine all the many kinds and types of trees. There are literally hundreds of thousands of species around the world. Along with the kind of tree you want, the difference in size, shape and other characteristics will impact any symbol you select and what it embodies for you.



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