Megan Boone Hairstyles; Try Versatility

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We love watching suspense and action series, especially when they are being broadcasted by NBC channel. The legend has it, television series like FBI Profiler and The Blacklist made a big hit in the world, particularly the character of Megan Boone as Elizabeth Keen was liked by many. She has worked in movies as well, the one on the dance shows was Step up Revolution.

Megan Boone is not on the news for odd fashion at all. She once was in the magazine for her hair and people were talking about it because it was fantastic.   Today Megan Boone hairstyles are just as sensible as they should be. Unlike other celebrities she didn’t let the success get on her head and she remained neutral when it came to choosing the track between fashion and over boldness.

Recently Megan Boone hairstyles were again in the discussion because she chose to worn fringes on her broad face which was not wise of her. This is my personal point of view that broad f aces should have a frame of hair on the side in order to look slimmer.

Glam factor in black hair

Just in case you have black hair does mean you necessarily need to stay away from good cuts.  A lot of women don’t get short cuts on black for fear of losing confidence, well confidence is a kind of thing which does not come with the haircut, it comes from your body language naturally. Don’t refrain of having a haircut if it is necessary to keep your hair strong and healthy. You need a transformation, go for it. Megan is wearing a bouncy hairstyle, you can support anything like this with ease.


Megan Boone party updo on short hairstyle

Boy cut fringe

I am not a big fan of boy cut styles for women but if it is a necessity you cannot avoid it. Sometimes your professional field requires you to have well-maintained, short hair instead of long bangs, which is all right as long as you are comfortable yourself.

Megan Boone short fringes

Let the fringe cover the face

Don’t feel the temptation to sweep the hair away from your forehead if the falling of bangs is giving a twist to your personality and appearance. She is looking nice here with front head fringe.


Megan Boone short layers

Professional Bob with layers of Megan Boone

Megan Boone shoulder cut

Megan’s party hairstyle

It’s simple, easy and fast, also very sleek in its appearance, isn’t it? No need to step out to find out a saloon nearby during an important event, get your comb, apply some wax on hair, start pinning up hair nicely, you would get a nice hairstyle in the end without having to rely on a hairstylist.

Megan Boone sleek hairstyle

Megan’s side pony, very nice and coolMegan Boone side ponytail

Besides fringes and blunt cuts, Megan Boone hairstyles have always been nice and trendy. I am personally a big fan of some of her hairdos that she showed on the parties.

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