Megan Fox eyes makeup guide

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Megan Fox is said to be a big fashion bomb- everything about her is compelling whether it be her light reflecting eyes or her figure, she’s the lady of show! A lot of girls are impressed the way Megan wears and contour her eyes through smokey makeup, sometimes she makes us believe that she is a real fashion goddess, especially when we see her eyes makeup having no flaws or mistakes whatsoever. The eye shadows are kept light and more focus is given to sculpting her eyes shape perhaps. Here is one tutorial on how to do smokey eyes makeup like Megan Fox does, I hope you’ll like my effort. The eyes color of the model is bit more oceanic green than Megan’s but the eye makeup technique is somewhat same, so enjoy!

Here is one short Megan fox eyes makeup guide that you will love because each and every step has been explained wisely and thoroughly. You don’t need to have extraordinary black eyes shadows and eyeliner in order to work your way towards a perfect smokey eyes makeup, you just need some practice and ability to handle the shade during blending procedure.

 Target is to do smokey eyes makeup like Megan Fox’s smokey eyesmegan fox smokey eyes makeup

Step Number 1: Apply eyeshadow with brush. Use any light color like gold, peach or beige

apply eyeshadow

Step number 2: Use eyeliner or eye pencil to make a thin line along the upper eyelid

apply eyepencil

Step number 3:Pick black eyeshadow from the kit and use it through brush. Go once again over the thin line you have applied and make it thinner at the corner

Step number 4: Apply black pencil on the lower lid, this way.

apply pencil on lower lids

Step number 5: Smudge your eye pencil with black eyeshadow with a fine brush

blend with brush

Step Number 6: Apply eyeliner inside the lower lid to fill the empty space, don’t apply it fully. Make your way starting from the middle and going towards the corner.

apply pencil in the lid

Step number 7: Apply thick mascara coat over the eyelashes or use false eyelash extensions instead

finish with mascara

I hope you will be able to do your eyes makeup yourself by following this helpful Megan Fox eyes makeup guide because it is easy now.

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