Megan Fox Hairstyles! Classy as Usual

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Megan Fox is a sultry star who brought back the classic long wavy casual with a modern twist of glamour. Truly Megan Fox hairstyles are usually the finest and classicist than all other celebrities’ hairstyles, so everyone praises about. She is not a fashion model or actress she is more than that- she is a real fashion connoisseur who knows what would be fit and what would make her sexier in appearance.

The Long, black waves:

We all are accustomed to seeing her in long straight bangs she looks better when she is simple.  Since she has got a long face shape she keeps her facial frame covered with the hair in order to look as classy as possible.

Megan fox casual long layers 2014

Retro Impression

It’s good for her to come up with some nice retro look ideas and surprisingly she looks wonderful all the time when she plays with her appearance a bit. In this hairstyle, she is seemingly wearing a nice side swept curly type retro hair but she has still kept her lips pink and cheeks rosy whereas most celebrities wear red lips when they try to remind us of the fashion of old times.

Megan fox retro hair waves 2014

Enough Silky

Being a model and actress she might be very concerned about her hair but all the efforts which she ventures in maintaining her hair and look can be seen easily in her appearance, like her hairstyle below clearly speaks about itself- it is silky and beautiful. There are some loose curls at the bottom which are making her glamorous as well as beautiful.

Megan fox glossy black curls 2015

Megan fox long wavy hair 2014

Side Swept style

Though this style has been pulled off by many celebrities but only few could manage to look this much wonderful as she is looking.

Megan fox side-swept curls 2015

The Bald, Odd or Mod?

I won’t say this is an ideal style for the celebrity to wear but I am asking myself whether or not she should try such cuts for the sake of her respect.

Megan fox bald buzz cut 2014

Classy Bumpy Updo

This style is bumpy and well-shaped up in a way of a nice updo and the makeup has been done very carefully according to the outfit she is wearing.

Megan fox high curly updo 2014

Simple and Stylish

If you have black hair like her you might want to wear as simple styles as possible in order to look attractive, youthful and smart out in the party.

Megan fox side hairstyles 2015

Meticulous Curling Bangs

Like this look of her in which she is supporting some loose curls in bangs which have turned her more gorgeous than before.

Megan fox black curly hair 2014

Rolled hair all the way down

Just like her you can set some rollers in hair and unpin them as when you are ready to step out. You will end up having a messy appearance like this one but this is just all right.

Megan fox medium hairstyle 2014

Finger Brushed Waves

Just brush your silky hair and hang out, it is better to look simple rather than fully groomed in some days of the weekend.

Megan fox centerparted layers 2014

Updo with pony:

Make a small updo on the front and tie all the rest hair in a ponytail to copy this hairstyle.

Megan fox ponytail hair 2014

The celebrity loves to play with looks and makeup but she does not give a harsh chemical touch her natural black hair bangs and I think this is the right for her not to overdo the hair dying fashion, it can spoil the ambiance of the natural hair besides making her a bit odd to our eyes . I like to see Megan Fox the way she is- pretty, simple and mesmerizing. Megan Fox hairstyles have classiness that you and I want to see and expect.  We must appreciate the efforts which she is putting into her work as well as in maintaining her signature black bang haircuts- whether she chooses to changes to hair color or not, she will still be the same for us- the miracle of beauty.

Let’s not forget that Megan Fox hairstyles are also being copied by her followers and true lovers who believe in displaying themselves the way they are. The celebrity is very much promoting the natural beauty and originality so we must be thankful to her for being genuine .



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