Men hairstyles for 2017

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I heard someone saying that layers would go out of fashion in 2014, I don’t agree. Layers allow more versatility in the hairstyling- if they are long and healthy. Though there are now many advanced haircuts such as buzz cut, crew cut, undercut and side-shaved cut but nothing can ever replace layers- not even if one is keen enough to change the trends of the world. The layer cuts, we know, from the past are traditional and messy but when they are combined with the latest styling technique turn out to be more outstanding that usually.

Layers might not be one of the best hairstyles 2017 for men but they would be sooner or later and here is why:

  1. They are versatile in nature. The hair being long in length allows the individual to make different hair designs with ease and comfort.
  2. Any cut shorter than layers would be permanent, for few months at least, what if you are to attend an urgent wedding party of your friend one day that requires you to look bit more professional? If your hair is layered, you can brush back it or let it set free to turn yourself from simple to gorgeous.
  3. Layers are best hairstyles 2017 for men as they can be maintained easily as compared to side-shaved cut and buzz cut (the latter one is like getting bald).

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