Mena Alexandra Suvri center parted hair

Mena Alexandra  Suvri hairstyles are genuinely worth-talking and worth-trying because the girl is considered as the best model of the current era, besides continuing with the acting career she is justifying with other fields in which she has interests such as fashion designing and trend setting. She was born on February 1979, which means she has turned 35 years old now.  The fashion designer is very keen on taking the challenge for ‘best appearance’ to the next level, for she has been struggling constantly, in order to stand out with the rest of the models in the crowd.

There is a reason for Mena Suvri to be a good model, her eyes literally speak and facial expressions are lively- so if you are fed of seeing models with pale faces on the runways you might feel a little interest in checking with Mena Alexandra Survri hairstyles and fashion since she is too much popular for the style she promotes. Apart from keeping herself active in the acting career, the lady is working in the movies, she worked in a drama ‘Nowhere’ in year 1997, it got popular. Besides she appeared as Heather in American Pie, it was also a nice and popular. She has given her shoot to the top magazines such as Vogue, so there is something very appealing about her that we must discover and that’s how the lady is managing to make herself this much in shape even at this mature age.

Long, Long Bangs in blonde

Her smile is a kind of add on for her appearance. Also when you dye hair in this color make sure to wear only pastel or light makeup because the dark will make you feel uncomfortable since blonde is a bold naturally.

Mena Alexandra Suvri long hairstyle blonde

The Party Surprise of Mena

We all do pinning up down dos but one like this wants you to do more practice on hairstyle for bringing out the sleekness- the sleeker the better.

Mena Alexandra Suvri center parted hair

Black hairstyle on broad face

She appears to have gained some weight in this pic, she chose to wear open bangs instead of pinned up style because it would have messed up with her appearance.

Mena Alexandra Suvri medium feathers
Mena Alexandra Suvri short black haircut

One side long, one side short bob

The cut turned out to be fairly glamorous and extraordinary on her blonde locks.

Mena Alexandra Suvri short bob cutCrew or butch of Mena

If you are a party girl, you might not mind sacrificing long locks for the sake of modernity.

Mena Alexandra Suvri short women buzz cut

Mena”s cool, tight curls done in the right way

Mena Alexandra Suvri short curly hairstyle

She has worn it before above but this time here is a slightly raised updo on the back besides sleekly pulled bangs.Mena Alexandra Suvri red hairstyle

Mena Alexandra Suvri hairstyles include short posh bob cut, long wavy cut, regular cut with waves and high updo. She has got healthy hair so her hairstyles always come up more prominently especially when there is a cut that she gets for the new season.

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