Mens Hair Colors that will Dominate

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There is a new quote which goes as follows “New People would judge you on the base of four factors; how you wear your hair, how you dress up, how you communicate and how classy you are.” With the constant development in the technology and common human beliefs, there are a lot of changes going around in the fashion industry, making men and women to go beyond their traditional fashion limits. Gone are the days when the hair colors for men would only be suggested if they were a subject to create a separate identification for a class or group (e.g. punk hairstyle would be worn by the members of punk music). Now anyone, regardless of the profession and class/specie, can wear a nice hair color even when the purpose is not to hide the graying hair, instead it is to bring out the richness of the features of the face.

Just like womens trends, there are some cool Mens hair colors that are likely to dominate in 2015- when I say dominate I mean the few selected shades would surpass the fashion for regular brown, black and natural hair shades. The blonde men would no longer be taunted for their platinum blonde locks- if they had sought for a nice hair streaking shades.  Let’s not be racist or taunt someone for their appearance or ethnicity, instead let’s just try to improve the hairstyles and the appearance all together.

Maybe you haven’t known it before or heard it from somewhere else that people from progressing countries like China and Japan are focusing more on dying or changing their hair- they use almost all the colors on their hair you haven’t even thought of applying for a patch test. It’s not funny! I would rather say, it’s a kind of confidence that everyone must have, I must appreciate the Asian boys for being so brave for the wish of changing the hair color to something that’s not common.

If you are still wondering as what kind of Mens hair color trends that are likely to dominate in 2015, read this post again and the check the illustrations. Some of the famous colors are lilac, blue, purple, and red.

Crazy Magenta Wisps for men

He is wearing long sideburns with dark shade on the wisps

Magenta hair color for men

Honey Caramel cut for men

It’s cool color for layers as well as for bangs, suited for teenagers

Light brown hair color ideas for men

Sky blue punk bowl cut for men

Maybe it’s not a feasible idea to wear it this way unless you belong to punk music.

Ice blue hair color for men

Peacock hair patterns for men

Cool steaks on the front fringes, you can clearly notice that these shades are done in this pattern after being inspired by a famous animal peacock who carries so many shades in its feathers.

Green and blonde streaks for men

Textured red fade cut men

It’s a kind of a cool hairstyle with the right shade for the cool skin tone. You can clearly tell that he has used less greasy styling cream to make this highly rolled down style, which is looking somewhat aweinspiring on his long, slim face.

Ginger red hair color for men

Blue buzz for inspiration

It’s a v-shaped buzz cut, good for oval and oblong faces.

blue hair colors for men

Uncommon streaks

They wear all the non-traditional colors to look chic. It’s that men should try bolder streaks to be bold.

Asian boys hair color ideas

Popped red

Maybe the cut is good but the shade is shade yet it is nice.

Asian boy red hair color idea

Cherished green hairstyle for man

He is looking nice with the hair standing in a pointed spiky shape.

The green spikes for men

Cherry red curly style for men

Check the quality of the shade, it’s not easy to pull it off unless your skin is pale or fair.

Red velvet hair color for men

Bold pink style for young boys

Korean boys can even wear naughty shades of violet and golden.

pink hair color ideas for men

Blue style for men:

Messy blue waves of a man. There is less texture in it and more clumsiness because this is how street boys style their hair, they wear studs  on lips and don the best outfits by keeping their hair a bit in a disoriented way to look sassy.

Neon blue men's hair color

Irregular cut and sideburns for men

When you see him you notice a sharpness in his appearance because the color he is wearing all over the style is not as common as it seems. You need to be brave enough to try such an uncommon and over-bold shade on your hair.

Magenta hair color for men

Man wearing pastel style

Asian men wearing pastels of green, blue and lilac on the spikes. From his look you can tell that he is very much into productive fashion for getting attention of his audience. Oh, now pastels are not only for women because men are using them too in a better way.

Ombre of blue and lilac for men

Mohawk with pink shade for men

It’s a kind of crazy, wild style that no man on this earth will want to support unless he wants to join a punk music band.

Pink hair color for men 2015

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