Mens medium hairstyling 2015 for inspiration

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I have too many great ideas on mens medium hairstyling 2015 for inspiration, some of these are too messy to be worn on formal days but if you could pull them off, trust me you will rock.  Gone are the day when long hair was considered taboo or odd, now you can wear it with comfort and confidence.  You can tie hair in one knot- like the top one which has been in trends for a couple of months now. All you need to do it, pull all the hair up and tie it in a big knot and twist a little, you will get a small bump which has to be methodically secured with the use of a ponytail.

Some side bangs won’t hurt you if you have had your hair trimmed on the both sides- for instance layer with a symmetry or pattern will frame your face, making you appear bolder than before.

Brush forwarding is another way of tackling the hair shags which have grown long on their own. Use a classy hair styling gel and now press the bangs to get a style. It’s all about how you manage to bring out the best of your natural hair. The way of brushing, especially the movement of bristle will determine the makeover of the style in the end.

I met a stylist who told me that men are not very comfortable with medium haircuts because they are acceptable by the society , otherwise in odd cuts they may end up getting bullied. I don’t think there should be some kind of discrimination in the fashion field for either men or women because this is the 21st century and we all need to learn to move on ahead. If you look behind you will find that men in of the stone age was wearing long or odd hairstyles, not because they didn’t have the right tools to trim the hair down, it’s because they never wanted to change the way they looked.  At that time, fashion sense was also very limited but majority of the men were wearing long hairstyles.

The Smart and Bold

It is good for beach boys because there are some highlights which shine in the sunlight. You will end up getting more attention than before if you follow his style.

medium curls men

The Classy Bangs

This particular look can be achieved by treating your hair with the hair straightener. Once you are successful in achieving this style you will find more girls staring at you. I love the golden orange highlights in his hair, actually they have made him more edgier, isn’t it true?
angular layers for men 2015

Model Like Appearance

This hairstyle will suit you if you are artistic in routine life and if you really love to have an articulate makeover that can enhance your masculine impression.
angular medium haircut for men 2015

Adam’s textured layers

He is used to doing really bold and risky experiments with his look, this one is gorgeous even though he seems to be posing in a kind of stern manner.
red streak medium hair

Medium and Silky

You might be thinking that he has got a girlish look to his face, I feel differently on the other hand, I believe he has managed to create a classy and neat makeover by giving his hair a good protein treatment. I love his silky, shining hair.

medium cut for men

The Wild and Barbaric Cut

It seems his hair has been chopped off from the back and the front in different angles to bring out a wild like feel in the makeover.
medium wild haircut men

Golden Blonde:

If your hair is beautiful and blonde, you can opt for this look. He is kind of showing something- you can pull of your blonde hair in a stylish way provided that it has been chopped off in a good sequence by an expert stylist.
medium blonde layers men

Masculine Curls

Some men are born with natural curls and they find it hard to control them. Well this medium haircut can help them treat their hair in the right way without much brushing and effort.
medium golden curls men

Teenager’s Passion

Those who are comfortable with hair covering the face will definitely adore this medium cut which is gorgeous and unique.

medium fringe men

Mature layers

It is suitable for those who really adore western style hairstyles and feel comfortable with some highlighting as well.
medium layer cut men

Great Medium Waves

He has created this fine textured by finger brushing the hair after parting them from the center. I am sure guys with thick hair will find this idea valuable and applicable.
medium brown haircut men

Choppy Sloppy Bangs

He seems to be having a sexy haircut and a sexy body language. The dressing can also make a big difference on how your makeover turns out to be, right? Just wear your medium haircut with confidence in order to make everyone believe that you are comfortable even though you are promoting uncommon style

medium chopped hair men

Edgy Brown Chopped Layers

This is a perfect example of medium haircut for men because it has some chocolate colored streaks which will not make the layers odd in any way, also it will keep up with the natural appearance of the style itself.
medium chopped cut men

Wester Red Brown Waves

This is for those who have beard.

medium cut for men with beard

I like this special blonde curls which are not natural though but are very impressive.messy blonde curls men 2015





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