Micheal Pitt Wearing Undercut

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Micheal doesn’t need any introduction, he has already shown his talent to the world by playing difficult roles in movies with ease. I don’t have words to express or praise his artwork in movies and live series, one thing I have always been adoring about him is iconic undercut hairstyles design. If you check out some of his photographs, particularly ones with clear photography of his undercut, you’ll notice that this guy hasn’t only got a photogenic face but also a perfect cut that suits him the best, almost on all occasions.


Micheal Pitt was born in 1981 and began his career as an actor in 1997. He is still playing a role in a regular HBO series ‘Boardwalk Empire’ as Jimmy Dermody, for he’s been appreciated by audiences.

Michael pitt undercut style

He has sported many styles:

As a teenager, Micheal has sported several eye-catching haircuts such as layers, bangs, blond side-swept layers, and parted hair, but now he’s bit mature so he is apparently sticking with one iconic cut which is undercut, it’s shaved no more 2.5 centimeter above the ears and from the back. I am sure those who are truly in love with retro cuts may find Micheal’s undercut a reminiscent of old Hollywood fashion- the cut, the finish, and sleek outlook of his undercut can make anyone speechless, especially to those who think that outmoded haircuts won’t ever come back to touch the trends of the 21st century.

He knows how to be trendy:

Some guys often find it difficult to be very creative with the same style whether it is an undercut style or a caesar, they don’t figure out how to make more variations of them by trying different brushing and styling techniques. They should not blamed for lack of creativity or talent in the field of styling though but they can learn something from good celebrities like David Beckham and Michael Pitt.

Michael pitt stylish undercut

Micheal Pitt Wearing Undercut hairstyle

The most common style can be very classy when it is styled with care, passion and love and above all with the use of proper styling products. You don’t always need a cream or pomade to set your locks, you sometimes only need some common sense to make yourself look different with the same haircut, this is what Michael Pitt has been successfully doing for us and trust me he is a true inspiration in terms of graceful dressing and hairstyles management.Michael pitt in sleek hairscutMicheal Pitt in classy brushed back:

He is looking as classy as always. Love the color he used to give a tinge of golden to sweet, greasy locks.

Micheal Putt Bouncy style

Man with golden hair:

You can see very nice patterns made by the brush’s bristles in the hair. I love his hair color because it is nice gold with little caramel in it- in other words a sweet color on nicely textured locks.
Michael Pitt Combed back hair

It’s a kind of vintage look:

When you get a cut keep all the hair cut or trimmed in equal size except for the bangs in the central area of the head which should be bit longer in length than the hair on the sides so they can be styled properly and more prominently.Michael Pitt Vintage hairstyle




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