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Who doesn’t love Disney’s Hanna Montana who used to be an innocent girl once? Now people are very paranoid for the odd behavior of Disney star because she comes naked to the parties and sometimes does not bother to put even a single piece of panty on before going out. The girl has finally grown up so we must not be backward to point our fingers towards her while there are many other teenage girls doing worse things than Miley Cyrus. The aggressive demeanor of Miley Cyrus is a sign that something is clearly not right in her life, maybe she is suffering mentally, physically or spiritually, who says that the teenager stars doesn’t have problems in their life and to be honestly when there is a storm inside you and there is no way for it to burst, you begin to change, the same is happening to Miley Cyrus and I am dead sure about it. So instead of posting bad comments on her personal life or attitude let’s just be positive and assume that the lady has got a big issue in personal life. I heard that her father is cheating on her mother, some believe that her mother is cheating, God knows what the truth is, whatever the problem is, she will be able to cope with it, I am hoping for her to get better.

Anyways today’s topic is about Miley Cyrus hairstyles, well the Disney star has worn so many cute waves, short and medium haircuts over the years but some of the fantastic cuts would always remain in the list of my favorite hairstyles and I am sharing those all in this article.

Miley Cyrus hairstyles used to be sober and nice long time ago until she adopted a boy-like makeover, I do not know who suggested her to get a Mohawk haircut done even she is an American while the Mohawk cuts are popular with Afro-American men and women. It must not be a problem for us if she has chosen to wear short quiff type cut and if she has shaved her side hair, after all she is all within her right to pick the right haircut for herself. Many people believe that it is a big disappoint for her fans to see that Miley is becoming a more boyish type girl with the passage of time, well we need to give her a break, she will become the old Miley Cyrus again. Do not expect her to be an innocent girl just like we all normally are when we in our teen years, the girl has grown up and she has got enough money which is a big life spoiler so let her enjoy her life.

There are some best Miley Cyrus hairstyles that everyone might want to try provided that they know how to carry or hold on a celebrity like haircut.

Miley Cyrus long hairstyles

She has worn caramel shade hairstyles and long waves, not just that she has also showed up in braids and long haircut that was trimmed a bit.

This color is kind of natural and vibrant too, seemingly bit warm on her complexion. There is also some innocence on her face which is missing these days.

Miley Cyrus long curly hairstyle

Nice highlights on her super cozy curls give energy, isn’t it? Love her smile and confidence, some say that fashion suits you when you just wear it with a nice face, so try it next time to see if does make any difference.

Miley Cyrus long streaky curls

A nice braid on long hair is looking very amazing, actually it is giving you a girly kind of feel at first sight.
Miley Cyrus pinned up braid hairstyle

Miley Cyrus in different styles

She has showed us many centered parted hairstyles as well, she taught us that a lot of arrangements can be done on the hair if your hair is long enough to be styled.

A nice updo which should be worn by teenagers. Well a loop of small curl is adding more value to the style itself.When you wear a high hair do, make sure your makeup is simple and neutral or you will look like an aged woman.

Miley Cyrus messy hairstyle

This hairstyle is little bold so is her makeup with heavily smokey eyes makeup. This color does not harmonize her complexion but looks awesome on her facial frame.

Miley Cyrus short curls

Beautiful golden blonde highlights on dark base are my favorite especially when they are worn by whites like Miley. Some colors don’t suit all complexions and the color on high lights are one of them, so if you have wheat or dark complexion you need to choose brown or red rather than blonde.
Miley Cyrus long hairstyles

The more natural you are, better you look. Here she is a natural auburn hair color which has just made her complexion outstanding and beautiful.
Miley Cyrus feather bangs

Another natural curly style of Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus black hairstyles

Medium blonde layer cut of Miley Cyrus.Miley Cyrus medium bob cut




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