Very short Milla Jovovich hair

Four years after Milla parents moved to California, at age nine, started acting in commercials It was here everything started when her facial composure had to step up to the game. She began her professional modeling career when she was eleven, entitling “Revlon’s most unforgettable women in the world” a year.

Dressing is Classy

Her entire dressing and appearance, from the crown of her head to the soul of her feet had to change to complement the nature of her career. Stars are more and more likely to trade their long mane for a short haircut. Who said that only long hair were synonymous with beauty and femininity? Certainly not for everybody! But one thing is certain, short must be very stylish! Milla Jovovich is one of the many actresses who fantastically worships short haircut with striking designs and configurations (Wavy Updos).  Just like her movies Milla Jovovich hairstyles have some sort of actions in them, no matter if they are short, choppy or long, they speak for the talent of the lady or perhaps it’s her eyes that make us to fall in love with her haircut and overall makeover, God knows better.

Charm Factor:

Milla is the model who loves to wear the short curly wavy hair style (vintage curls) and pinned up for a faux bob; elegant, glossy and gorgeous or short straight haircuts. Very rear she sculpts the long straight or curly haircut with a bit bang curled to the left. Actress, celebrity and former model Milla Jovovich, is renowned for her lead role in the “Resident Evil movies”, and for her earlier work as Leeloo in Luc Besson’s -The Fifth Element, has short to medium, curly hair and up do hairs styles with a fringe, or bangs. She is blessed with a very rich copper hair color.  There are more richer versions of Milla Jovovich hairstyles that you would not mind copying at all, all it takes to replicate her look is look straight with confidence and try to be relaxed if when you know the haircut is bit bolder on your face.

Here we go with some of the chicest hair ideas, well don’t think that the lady just wears short styles only, she looks glamorous with the longer as well.

Shortest cuts

It takes a lot of meditations and techniques to style your shortest locks different, especially when you know a small mistake can be a mess up with your appearance so here is our action lady who is trying to teach us something- just modify your style by adding some hues if you can. You won’t get bore of yourself.

Hair highlights Milla Jovovich

Again short but done nicely.


Short with expression: Bravo to Milla
Messy layers Milla Jovovich

Short having gold brown tinge and vintage effect

Milla Jovovich caramel hairstyle

Braid for shortest hair, thanks Milla

Milla Jovovich hair braid

Natural and neutral:

Get your waves seen by everyone by adding some greasy creams for styling.

Milla Jovovich hairstyles

Change with hair color

Milla Jovovich medium haircut

Make a knot roughly

Milla Jovovich messy hairdo

Curling idea for shortest hair

Milla is experimental and very passionate when it comes to styling short hair.  We feel motivated when she comes up and tells there are more techniques to tame short hair that others have been sharing with you. Just use your mind and you will get some idea on how to do it.

Milla Jovovich short curls

Tied medium style

She is wearing moderately medium style in this makeover and she has done a nice pony. Makeup is great but a bit bright for her face.

Milla Jovovich short ponytail

Milla and Classy short bang

She ain’t showing us her voluminous bob in here in face she is just wearing a sleek version of it.

Milla Jovovich small hairstyle

Bumpy and flattering bob

It’s not even below the shoulder line, it’s above nape. If you have nice thin hair you might want to try it some day only if it feels comfortable.Very short Milla Jovovich hair





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