Miranda Kerr ponytail hairstyles

There is a magic in Miranda Kerr hairstyles and haircuts, wondering why? Because she looks perfect no matter what day of the week it is and what week of the month it is, it seems her beauty is eternal and her eyes and hairstyles have much to do with her beauty regime. How come I came to this conclusion? If you simply review some of the best Miranda Kerr photos you will notice few things:

She never puts on heavy makeup except for parties and photo shoots.

She does not dye her hair much as if she is struggling to keep her hair healthy and shinning.

Thinking of your complexion is an important element of any modern hair styling when you pick a cut, make sure it’s good enough, not only in its point and dimensions but also for your complexion. When you look forward to add some color, it has to be neutral or natural unless you are like a raged and enthusiastic teenager who wants to do experiment rather than improvising on the personality.

Keeping it all natural for reputation

she loves being natural, even she can wear lenses and go for many unnatural makeovers to amaze the audience but she never approaches artificial way to make herself more beautiful, it’s because she doesn’t have to, she is already beautiful enough for all of us that she needs not try anything more that would be an aggregation. The more you apply on your face the more you appear clumsy and saggy, sometimes the makeup transform you into a clown rather than a beauty, so I guess if Miranda Kerr would put on more makeup she would end up looking ugly. It is good she is not doing anything extra at all.

Miranda Kerr Hairstyles are usually very simple, sober and stylish. If there is an event, a special one, she adds a hair piece or accessory for a touch of elegance instead of adding extension, what a graceful fashion sense our model has got.

Blow Dried and Silky

Having your hair treated by protein serum has a lot of do with your beauty, if your style lacks x-charm factor you are missing out a big part itself because no matter how good or bad your style is, it won’t make you impressive at all.

Miranda Kerr black hairstyles

Miranda’s Magical eyes and low lights

Her low lights are natural and somewhat neutral for her bright face. Her eyes are looking magical as if they are speaking, casting some kind of spell. We all appreciate the way she maintains her sobe

r personality.


Miranda Kerr brown black hairstyles

Miranda Kerr low ponytail

A tinge of very warm honey color has given her a very special look and with front bangs bit in blonde hue everything is remarkably favorable as for her hairstyle. By catching all the hair down in a relentless pony like this you can definitely make yourself known for a cute sense of style.
Miranda Kerr chic ponytail style

Dimples, red lips and Flattering Bangs

Layer cuts are common these days, you see a lot of celebrities wearing them but what about the points? Do you really see layers being this much noticeable and edgy on a face? No, because a lot of women don’t care to bring in some shine into hair as a result of which the style does not look better, contrary to what many do, Miranda has seemingly treated her bangs well for layers to be notified.
Miranda Kerr hair styles

Pointed Razor Bangs of Miranda Kerr

Her cool bangs are fluffy, straight and flattering in this make over, she has worn very neutral makeup by giving her skin a pale and subtle look.

Miranda Kerr layers hairstyles

Miranda Kerr Updo:

Not to mention that hair becomes dull a bit when you perform some rough backcombing on it. Miranda is wearing a classy updo here which is a good style for parties, events and for formal events. A lot us feel confuse as what tow ear with a turtle neck top or prom dress, this updo is the answer for sure.
Miranda Kerr topnot hairstyle

Miranda and Classy Pony

What we do when we pull our hair in a tight ponytail? We pull it all back to make sure not even one hair strand is free or out of it, right? But Miranda has just worn a bumpy up do on the ponytail which is done without back combing.

Miranda Kerr ponytail hairstyles

Bangs with low Beehive

Keeping your hair straight is a good idea for many events but what about your style? Just in case you don’t want to wear an updo, you can make a slightly raised beehive on the back of hair like Miranda is showing below. You will look graceful and nice for sure.

Miranda Kerr party hairstyles

Gorgeous and Natural

Shampoo your hair well and treat it with a lot of conditioner and just make a side partition of your hair by doing a side part like Miranda, you will be perfect.
Miranda Kerr medium hairstyles

Honey Blonde highlights

Try this only when you have very fair complexion and beautiful eyes. Notice that she has also dyed her brows in the same color as hair, you have got to do the same.
Miranda Kerr medium golden bangs

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