pompadour bun 2014

I am dead sure you have been following David Beckham fashion for a long time and why you would not be following him, after all he is a big celebrity, but did you know the haircuts could be better if you picked them according to the face shape?  Let me explain it a bit- it’s not written anywhere that celebrity hairstyles are greatest of all the styles that possibly exist on a hairstyle magazine because if pompadour suits Beckham, it doesn’t mean it would suit you as well. What if your transform make you feel bored and gross as people seem to find it unacceptable. Does it matter what they think?  It’s not good to swallow your pride especially when you know living in this world means living in the communities and getting more social.  It does matter what other will think about your new haircut so whenever you get it, think wisely about the design and study your face shape prior to transform the look by the way of getting a new hair style.

The internet is full of impressive unique modern mens haircuts ideas but I guess somewhere all the same photos are being circulated from one blog to another, there is nothing new, and it’s sad to see that people are just scraping the work of each other to flood the search results. I, on the other hand, love to collect unique stuff, today I am going to share with you six of the best, untried men hairstyles, which I am sure you haven’t seen anywhere else because they are just on my magazine right now.

High Fade in center:

Men with an exclusive pompadour bun. Kindly notice the sleekness of the style. When you have a nice fade on hair, keep one thing in your mind and it’s that it does always has to be equal all the way.

pompadour bun 2014

Razor cut fringe style for men:

He is wearing side razor cut fringes which are adding a good grace to his broad oval face shape. The fringe has some points which are covering the forehead, you just need to sort out as how to style it.

fringes for men

Bowl cut fringe for man with mustache:

It is a bit raunchy though but it is suiting him very well as his face looks as solid as a rock, he might be a tough man himself.

Bowl cut men

Regular Pointed Spiky cut:

If you wear specs on regular paces and want to get a cool get up for any year, you can wear these spikes, they are awesome.

quiff spikes men

Middle Aged Blonde man hairstyle:

This man is middle-aged, sober so he needed a cut that could add to his personality by not making him to look overbold from an angle. He got it done in the right way.

Golden blonde haircut

Rockabilly on medium black hair:

If your face is oblong and bit oval just like this man, this heavy yet superb haircut is going to make you rock!! Brush your fingers inside hair, slide them gently to get waves.

haircut for oblong face

Inspired by Johnny Depp:

Who doesn’t love Johnny Depp? Our Jack Sparrow has inspired many men in the world and this one look better describes whether it is easy to be western .

western hairstyle men

Review the detail of these six very elegant modern men haircuts idea and enjoy the transformation.

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