ring for nail artwwork

Dressing up the nails before going for a special night out has become a ritual in many countries and women are literally becoming fanatic in following the nail art trends. Sky is the limit when it comes to nail art designs, you will find several variations in one nail art, it’s perhaps that the art is being worshiped as another religion by amateur ladies. For a simple and sleek look, some women just use the paint to add a glossy finish to their fingernails while others go to salons every week to get manicure and pedicure done. Whatever type you are- adorning the fingernail has become one of the most important to-do-things of a week or day for you.

There was a time when there were no salons performing nail art on fingernails because designs were very limited and knowledge on the subject was also somewhat scant until some girls discovered working with art of water marbling for some colors would be dropped on the upper layer of water (which is usually kept at room temperature) and then some patterns of flowers are drawn on the layers of nail polish using the wooden stick or nib of a sharpened pencil or other tool. The pattern would thus be used to get a design by dipping the nails on the water.

Now salons have come up with more nail art designs ideas and artistic work is being done on customers’ nails by lavish hands. There are a lot of accessories used in nail art designs but most popular are nail decals. What are nail decals and how they are used in the designs? Nail decals are also called decorative accessories used in the designs for an improved and speckled finish, they come in different colors, varieties and shapes. They are made of acrylic, plastic, resin and even of gel such as glittery stars, rhinestones, gemstones, counterparts of diamonds, heart shaped pieces, fake birth stones, tough glitter, rings, piercings, pearls, beads, laces, and string of small colored stones.

Nail decals come on a sheet or in a separate box. Hard decals can be applied on the fingernails using special glue gel while some small gemstones can be transferred to the designs by water or rubbing. When decals are on sheet, they are first cut in a particular size according to the requirement of the design and then it is gently rubbed. It sticks to the fingernails, the sheet is taken off.

It is fun to use nail art decals in swirls, zebra print designs, and other creations.  I am sharing some pictures of exclusive nail designs where decals are used creatively for enhancing the final design.

 White flower and stones as decals

crystal stone for nail artwork

white stones in white color being decorated through airbrushing

nail declas for nail artwork

White decals! A stone is added manually through glue

gemstones for nal art

White beaded charm used by brides in nail art designs

beads for nail artwork

Fake gel nails are decorated with glitter and stones

lace with beads for nail art designing

Nail extension! Jeweled nails for brides

white stones for nail art designing

Heavily decals for special days and events, for instance caviar

silver caviar for nail designing

Stones and stones and stones

studded lace for nail art

Glittery sparkle paint for nail artwork

glittery sparkle for nail artwork

Nail ring for the decoration of nails

ring for nail artwwork

Special manicure with French tip and stone decal

nail decals for manicure




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