Nailart designing Ideas for beginners

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Simply adding one tone of color has become a thing of the past. Nail art is now all about adding gradients, decals and borrowing inspiration from objects and people. Ideas for nail art have become limitless. From elegant simple designs, to crazy complex designs, here are some unique designs to spice up your nails.
Gradient Nails
Ombre styles are all the rage these days. It’s already made its way to clothes, hair, and even accessories. You can apply the style to your nail art to complete your gradient-inspired looks. Here are some ombre inspired designs below. Gradient nails are easy to do so they are thought to be one of the easiest and most creative nail art design ideas for beginners as they don’t need any particular skills to make a combination nail effect.

silver blue nail design idea

This is pixie dust manicure technique.

pixie dust gradient nail design idea
Different Colored Nails
The possibilities of achieving this look are endless. For one you can paint each nail a different color, thus giving a gradient across all fingers. But does that mean you have to buy five different nail polishes? No, you can blend colors you already have by mixing them with lighter and darker nail polishes. You can even add two differently colored layers to get the shades in between.

ocean nail art design idea

Just love pink because it is an easy color for someone wanting to try unique manicure with little purple gradient nail art
French Nails with coloring effect
Not only is it eye-catching but this look is fairly easy to achieve. After applying a top coat to protect your nails, simply dab the tips of your nail with a sponge dipped in the color you desire. You can add another layer of clear nail polish to seal the deal. French tips are very easy, you just have to highlight the tips of each nail with a white or colored nail polish that’s it. Hence this one technique is also one of the best nail art design ideas for beginners, just get any nail polish from the drawer and highlight the tips.

glittery french nail design idea

This one is very cute having gel like texture to it.
glittery nail design idea swatches

Great summer French tip manicure nail design ideas
Fully Gradient shades on the nails
To achieve this look you’ll need to apply the preferred base color on the whole nail first. Similar to the gradient French nails, simply apply one or two extra colors over the base coat with a sponge to achieve the gradient effect. You can seal the deal with glossy clear nail polish or leave it matted.

four tone gradient nail art design ideas

 Inspired Nail Art
Don’t throw those old newspapers and comic books away. They can come in handy in making not only unique, but easy nail art. For the following designs, it’s very important to apply base coat to protect your nails.

beautiful water gradient nails
Newspaper Nail Art
After applying your favorite color, simply wet your finger nails with alcohol or mouth wash. Roll the newspaper section over your nail and press on it gently. When the design transfers and sets, add a layer of clear gloss to immortalize the design.  If no newspapers are available use old text books.  Utilizing foreign language books and magazines as an alternative can give off an exotic feeling. Newspaper on nails may sound like some daunting artwork but it is very enjoyable if you have the right technique to get it done. Many girls with no art skills and talents go for the newspaper design hence it is also one in the list of best nail art design ideas for beginners.
Other variations
Text books are not your only option; you can go a step further and use your favorite old comic book to inspire your designs.  Those old post stamps can even come in handy if they aren’t needed.

beach gradniet nails for women

Use of glitter on the tips only.

golden french nail design idea

Fruit-Inspired Nails
Allow your fruit cravings to inspire your designs. From kiwis to watermelons to strawberries, the floor is all yours. These designs can look especially refreshing on a hot summer day.
Whether you use the fruit to achieve a French nail look, or you place the rind and melon on separate nails; this look gives whole new meaning to dot and stripes. For easier application of the finer parts of the design, using acrylic paints and an artistic brush is preferred; it is also very cost savvy.

fruity nail design ideas

Fruit canes are used in it.

fruit inspired nail art design ideas

Strawberries are painted.

cool strawberry nail design idea
This design is easily achievable by purchasing some gel or Fimo nail accessories and sticking them on with nail glue. Alternatively, you can utilize un-dried clear nail polish to engrave the fruit slices, and then paint over them with another clear nail polish layer to seal them. It can be a good add-on after painting your nails with the desired fruit-inspired pattern.




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