Nail Art Idea for Short Nails

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The idea of decorating the nails is not very new now, this is something every lady is well familiar with, almost in all European and Asian Countries. This is true that some nail art designs look very fantastic in the images but they are very hard to make in the practical life, for instance water marble nail art designs- anyone with little knowledge can do it but it requires a lot of practice, the major problem is that not all nail polishes makes fine layer on the surface of the water, even if you are using the top brands you will notice that the final nail design is not as perfect as we see in the pictures.

Though almost all ladies love to grow their nails long and strong but there are some who just try it and don’t get successful. They apply garlic paste or use other tricks to grow their nails and at some points they begin to see some results but after two weeks or four, their nails become brittle, fragile and nasty. They end up clipping the nails each time they use a trick to grow them longer than before. And these are the ladies who complaint about not getting the perfect nail art designs. Well, if you are one of the girls with short nails and have a passion for nail art designs, keep in mind that unique or creative nail patterns are not just for the long nails. Can’t grow your nails long? Don’t panic as there are some cute nail art design for short nails as well that you can try at home.

Check these inspirations of nail art designs for short nails and learn as how to get decorate cuticles without feeling worried, confused and depressed:

Check these nail art ideas for small nails.

 Greece waves: It’s easy to get a white nail polish from the market and this is the main color used in almost all sorts of nail arts and techniques. Get one for yourself, apply it and start drawing patterns on the base, be careful as a small mistake can make you revise the entire design.

greece waves for short nails

Strips, glitters and patterns; Use multiple colors to create the perfect design, draw strips using the nail art pen and brush and try to be accurate when drawing the lines.

glitter party design for short nails

Dotted designs for short nails: You might have heard of the technique of  pen pointing wherein dots are created by making several little points, one goes in the middle and the rest of points around it, you just touch the point to a bit to make it thick.

dotted nail design for short nails

Zebra art designs for short nails: The patterns will go on the tips of the nails only.

zebra print short nail design

Two finger zig zag:On the base of peach pastel shade, you draw zigzag patterns on one or two of the finger nails while the rest are kept blanks, coated with base coat only.

short nail art design ideas

Sticker and pattern: Cut the sticker and apply it on the nails or get the design done perfectly by using painting skills.

ivy design for short nails

Pink color family: Use pink color nail polish alternatively on the all finger nails, fill one with glitter and adorn a jewel on any of the nail for a finished look.

pink design idea for short nails

Multicolored nail art designs for short nails: Are you good at drawing? Why not pass the time by painting some interesting smileys and patterns on the nails.

galaxy designs for short nails

 Pastel Pink and stone nail art: It’s easy to do, just buy some stones and be ready to decorate the small nails.

3D nail art designs for small nails: You will need a pack of 3d flowers for the art, get it from the market, it’s easy believe me.

Yellow french tips: I am sure you haven’t tried highlighting the tips of your nails with yellow color yet, try it now.

Pink laced nails: Though these nails are stamps you can use lace to bring up the beauty in the design.

Blue french tips and decals: Flower nail decals come at cheap price, get the flowers in white or orange or any shade to add more energy in the nail art design. I hope you enjoyed my collection and ideas of nail art designs for short nails, I will write more posts by collecting unique ideas on the subject.

nail art ideas for short nails


short nail design ideas diy

Spiralsspiral short nail designs

Minions on short nailsminion art for short nails


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