Sophisticated Nail art with Matching Lips

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The winter season has allowed for so many artistic nail art designs because the flowers fall off the tree in this season and darkness gets dense. You get plenty of time to make a theme for your lips and nails but all you need to do is choose two or three colors in your mind and start doing your experiments.

Just in case you are looking to get some inspiration from sophisticated nail art and lip art 2015, here I am with some of the best themes you can try easily.

Maroon-Love Nail art Idea

You will like maroon color for its best blending aspect. It makes a good combination with golden, green and other shades. You can apply the maroon nail polish in different ways. Don’t forget that using the red with it will turn your lips into beautiful petals. If you don’t want to wear maroon, you can opt for red instead because it is as classy as maroon is.  Mind that the selection of color is your choice, all you need to learn is how to combine it with the art on other parts of the body.

I love the combination of reddish colors in it, they are truly glamorous

maroon nail art 2015

Cool and juicy, right?dark maroon lips 2015

Blue Forest for Nails with Classic lips

We all love blue shades because it is everywhere around us, it is more vivid in our imaginations especially when we think of galaxies, stars and sky above the oceans.

blue forest nail art 2015

Notice that the black has been used as a lip lining in the art besides on the nails.dark blue nail art 2015

Black Dahlia Nail art for Inspiration

I hope you like theme such as black forest which has some colors which are absorbed in the dark shade of the trees and flowers.

This is dark, gloomy just like a secret night when you are unable to see anything around.

black dahlia nail art 2015


Shades of pink for nail art with matching lips 

There are many different ways to play with the shades of pink, you just need to learn how to blend two colors to get the right effect or theme on lips and nails.

Making this diagonal design must have been a lot of fun for sure.

magenta lip art 2015

The touch of orange and gold in it is making a very glamorous effect.

oramnge pink nail art 2015

It’s the perfect autumn art for me.

tea pink nail art 2015

Fresh purple petals themes

These themes are great for women who love petals and their delicacy. Surprisingly there are some methods though which you can create a perfect illusion of a colorful flowers on the lips, it’s done by using random shades of light and dark all together.

purple pinklip and nail art 2015

Check how many variations are created by using the gradient technique.
rose petalls nails and lip art 2015

This is awesome the correct contrast has been created it it,  these lips are not less beautiful than that of spring petals.purple yellow petal for nail art 2015




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