orange calla lily tattoo

Botanical Name Zantedeschia Aethipica

Though the name of the flower is Calla Lily but it is not even a lily at all, that’s surprising.The botanical name of the flower is Zantedeschia aethipica but it is also known by some other names such as arum lily and  Green Goddess (which is not white in color). Calla lily flower tattoo is very distinctive because of the shape of the flower in the design which resembles to a trumpet in shape as well as to a slim female body (literal meanings). So anyone who has a great attachment with opposite gender (female) can go for a Calla Lily tattoo but mind that the flower is somewhat feminine that’s why for Ancient Roman it symbolized lust, sex and sensuousness.

Refined Specie

Calla Lily flower is said to be one of most refined flower species of the world, the prominent feature of the flower is yellow colored spandix, which lends a firm and peaceful expression to it. Moreover, the standing green pistil which stands out with the white trumpet shaped flower very well- whereas the trumpet itself is a sign of victory.

cala lilies flower

Controversial Meanings

Despite of the fact that Calla Lily is a majestic flower on earth having a divine beauty in its heart, different religions and cultures have derived their own meanings from Calla Lily flowers and some symbols are also very controversial in real but it doesn’t affect the desire of the tattoo lovers anymore because they care about the actual meanings of Calla Lily flower in the least.

Representative of Goddess Hera

In ancient Greek and Roman era, the Calla Lilly represented the goddess Hera who was said to be the owner of the flower and some believe that it came from her. The legend has it, Zeus wanted his son to have an eternal life so he brought his son Hercules to Hera who was his wife so that she could take care of son. Zeus believed that his son would get some powers from drinking his mother’s milk but she didn’t accept him as her own child since he was born to another woman. It is said that her milk created a Milky Way where beautiful Calla Lilies were sprung. I don’t know if the story is true to tell but that’s what said to be the history of the flower.

Meanings of Calla Lily Flower Tattoo

So let’s make it short by focusing more on what could be or are possible meanings of Calla Lily Flower tattoos- though the plant is pure white but is is also poisonous at the same time if taken on stomach in a raw form. It is just harmful so not deadly, this is the reason why it is associated with peace, resurrected of a soul in Christianity, pure union of bride and groom, virtue, and fertility.  Calla Lilies are used in massive amount with red roses in bouquet for wedding celebrations but at the same time they are put on graveyard in the memory of deceased, moreover they are used at funerals so that the soul of the person can find peace in heaven and in the world hereafter. Calla Lily tattoos mean that you believe in peace and purity from the very inside or have a desire to be loyal for the rest of life with your partner. And it means you are as pure and innocent as Virgin Mary was

Covering the whole back from one side

orange calla lily tattoo

Transparent design with the leaves
side calla lily tattoos

Deep colors used with the pink
rosy pink calla lily tattoo

It’s going from back to the side

orange pink calla lily tattoo lower back

Sweet purple used  on the petals with two toned leaves

calla lily tattoo foot

Just simple and sweet
calla lilies on ankles

Black Stencil inking is used for the drawing

black calla lily tattoo

So many reddish lilies with black ribbon

calla lily tattoo on leg

Complicated but meaningfulblue stencil calla lily tattoo


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