Octopus Tattoo Designs 2014 and Some Interesting Facts

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Octopus is one of the marine creatures dwell mostly underground in the water, normally spending much of their time in the seabed, it doesn’t show that they are humble, but it’s just that they love living in a privacy. No matter how grounded they are in a sea, they work like a killing machine when it comes to getting food for the body and their specialty of preying on animals in a cruel manner makes them one of the important sea creature.
All octopus are flexible and fluid, they don’t have a column vertebrae so they can change their shapes, textures, and colors, of course their mood also swings from time to time, proving that even they are a good water hunter with ability to kill animals with power but they also are psyche to some extent.



Octopus tattoo designs are very popular amongst modern men and women of all time because there is something special about the subject itself. Such as:
Octopus is able to transform itself, no matter where life takes it, it will continue to live, survive and prey. This is impressive. So a lesson for human from the lifestyle of an octopus is, accept life in all the forms and shapes and go wherever it takes you, adapting to the circumstances. The octopus tattoo designs  are thus being designed very artistically, keeping the traits of the animals in mind.


The second good point about an octopus is regeneration, but not rebirth or reincarnation so just don’t think that if you are suffering in life, wanting to end it soon you would be reborn if you get an octopus tattoo done on your body. You know it, this won’t happen and in fact you are likely to suffer more in the world hereafter. When an octopus is attacked by enemies, it disengage its limbs and regenerate it later- what a surprise! The animal is liquid though but some of features remind us of human’s ability, for instance if our skin gets injured once, it heals and comes back again even if severely wounded. From the ability of octopus to regenerate its body parts, the lesson we should drive is ‘survival and standing again from falling’ you have got it right?  If you are a kind of a person who has suffered a lot in life, going through miserable days and gruesome nights but are still standing in place as if you are made of steel, the octopus tattoo designs may reflect your personality.

Octopus tattoo designs  are also for stubborn and stern human beings who find it hard to stand with a bad behavior, odd circumstances and situations. Octopus is very much able to change its color and shape having great deal of flexibility in the body so when you get a tattoo inked your body, you may begin to understand why sometimes it is necessary to be ‘flexible in behavior and why it is necessary to tolerate with harsh circumstances by not going aggressive.”

Though there are many types of octopus tattoo designs but one of my favorite is blue ringed octopus tattoo design , it still has many styles of expression which I am sharing in the article. Blue octopus is a deadly specie, it can produce a small amount of venom from saliva which is 100 times stronger than cyanide and any other types of venom in the world. The venom can stop the heart by causing motor paralysis to the enemies within few minutes. The shape and color of blue ringed octopus is very distinct, it keeps a pale skin with brown patches on which small rings of blue and black colors are formed during agitation.

Black octopus tattoo on wrist

octopus tattoo for ribs

octopus tattoo for ribs

Octopus tattoo design for thighs

Octopus tattoo design for thighs

gorgeous octopus tattoo idea for female wrists

gorgeous octopus tattoo idea for female wrists

Deep black octopus tattoo idea Dark black medium sized octopus tattoo on upper back

blue ringed octopus tattoo design on ankle

Brilliant octopus tattoo idea

Colorful ringed octopus tattoo design on shoulder


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