1950s undercut hairstyles

Having an undercut style is a good way to maintain your hair . What is an undercut hairstyle? For this cut, the hair is cut short close to the scalp. The cutting can be limited to the nape of the head, these days it’s mostly done on temple areas as well. In other words, half of the head is shaved during the cutting procedure. Some people just have their side head shaved instead of buzzed for a better appearance.

Kindly review my simple and logical comparison between old vs modern undercut hairstyles for men.

Old Undercut hairstyles:

Not to mention that old Hollywood stars have always been good fashion statement themselves, they are still famous for being outstanding in personal grooming, clothing and haircuts.  If you review some of the vintage fashion magazines of 1950s or 1960s you will notice that men of old times had had a special style to inspire others, they would style their hair neatly and swiftly, it’s perhaps self-grooming was an important part of their daily ritual in some ways. The same can be noticed for old times’ actresses and celebrities, with limited budget and unavailability of the styling creams they would come out with outstanding hairstyles to spellbound anyone. To this date, we are walking on their tracks and trying to copy their hair styling procedures.

Now question is how old under hairstyles were different from the undercut styles done these days? An honest answer would be there’s not much different between old and new cut though, some more twisted have been added in the procedures by barbers to define the cuts to a good extent/point.

Five important features I have noticed in vintage undercuts are as follows:

  1. Sleekness and neatness
  2. Greasy or shiny appearance
  3. Textured combing in a certain direction, it would either be back, forward or on the side. Normally on the back or side.
  4. Finish. They didn’t have advanced hair sculpting tools but they somehow managed to do the best with whatever they had at that time.

1950s undercut hairstyles

Hair has been molded very nicely.

1960s undercut hairstyles

Wow I am spellbound.

old undercut hairstyle idea

Rough yet elegant texture can be seen in this undercut.

vintage undercut hairstyles

Want to figure out how he managed to have this much defined hair.classy undercut hairstyles old times

Modern Undercut hairstyles:

Modern undercut hairstyles don’t lack any grace when compared to the old ones but they are sometimes very defined  or twisted, which is not bad as long as the person sporting the cut knows his style adheres to all modern  and acceptable standards.

I believe today most of the guys have high end tools and creams to style their hair, the possibility of hair modification or styling is somewhat limited in the undercut because the cut leaves them with only one thick or thin hair patch in the middle which can be styled in any way. It’s bit tricky to style it but it is fun too.

warhawk undercut hairstyle modern

Spikes have been added in the middle.

beautiful undercut modern

I love this one the most because a nice and neat cut has been given to the side hair to make it go well with the rest of the hair pattern.

modern undercut hairstyle

Bit longer hair on the top and middle and undercutting on the side, a nice contrast.modern undercutting idea men

If you want me to add anything in this article which is about old vs modern undercut hairstyles for men, you can write me with your opinions and suggestions.

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