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After World War One, the female populace needed to join the world force and this opened up a problem for hairstylists. There wasn’t enough time that could be dedicated to the pin-up, long hairstyles that they once adored so bit by bit, they started to chop off their long hair and a new style was born. This was the beginning of the bob hairstyle.  If you are not comfortable with the idea of wearing short cut hair you can wear long bob hairstyle to satisfy your desire of modern look.

This is how bob cut looked in 1950s and 1960s

A hundred years is a very long time not only for the human life, but for fashion as well. The bob hairstyle since then has undergone a long list of modifications to become what we have today. The new trend in the hair show is the intermediate length style where the hair is not too long and not too short. Let’s make a comparison between old vs new bob haircut ideas.

Old bob haircuts of old times:

They were very structured and very defined in their finish. The fringe would be bent inward or blow dried in an inward direction. Bob would also be teamed up with some casual rolled hair or curls.  Old women used to treat their hair with balm in order to get some curls in the cut.

Most women used to wear a bowl cut type bowl which had had a round, curvy texture to it. Today all of these bowl curls have been renewed by adding point-cut (a way to add layers, dimensions and points in the front or back bangs), so today there are much more variations to be found in the bowl than ever before.

Can you there is one point in the fringe covering the left part of the face? Old women used to make such moons on forehead as well.

1950s bob haircut with fringe

Notice that hair on the back of the bangs is big raised up, they used to wear this style for parties.
1950s bob haircut idea

There is a height difference right? The fringe is bent inwardly and the back hair is kind of raised in effort of making a small bouffant.

1960s fringe bob haircut

The amazing fringe and chopped bob of 1950s.

1950s bowl bob

Latest Bob Variety:

Modern Bob haircut is much coveted and comes with a few rules and here they are:

  • Bland long bobs if too blunt. Stacked can be added at the back for dimension
  • The long bob hairstyles are best when the back hair is just a bit shorter
  • A long bob hairstyle must not be too layered if you still want to call it that

Too many highlights on the bangs, also note that there are so many layers stacking over each other in this modern bob.

modern bob fringe

Stacked or asymmetrical bob with ombre dye.

long short bob haircut

Modern short bob with long side bangs.

modern short bob hair

Reese Witherspoon hair surprise! Cute blonde locks with a symmetry.Reese witherspoon medium bob haircut

Because the long bob hairstyles can be worn flat-ironed or wavy, it’s good for almost hair types so why not give it a try today? Here are some best pictures of long bob hairstyles for girls and women who want to change their style this year but can’t seem to find a good option anywhere even after going through all latest hairstyle magazines.

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