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Most women prefer wearing light-weight breaded necklaces for special events. Not to mention, these necklaces look good about any outfit you wear but they have become so typical lately. It’s not that they are out of fashion or out of market these days. They are still being displayed in all low and high end fashion shops, but they are not as appealing as they were used to be once. Women are looking to buy something different and something edgy to make their jewelry collection more adorable. It is considered sensible of a woman to select a necklace according to the weather, outfit, and her personal choice. Necklaces of warmer shades are worn in cold months of winters usually such as vintage beads, summer orange, scarlet red and other beads. In summers, the most recommended colors for necklaces are sweet candy, black, blue, purple and other hues that are bit cool in their essence.

Check these opulent heavy necklaces.

They can be worn with the tops easily, if you are a party goer you will understand how worthy they are for special night outs.necklace-with-pink-crystals

This necklace may seem a bit heavy but it is not, it has got some nice stones so if your outfits are usually colored rather than black this one could be your best pick.


Necklace of blue pearls.


Let’s talk about some cool heavy metal, opulent necklaces now which have colors as well as metals. Though wearing a necklace can help raise your spirits by making your party more pleasant and shinny, but the right bead or stone shade should be worn with the dress. As for the black outfit, you are free to choose and wear just about beads or stone of any colors except black, because black on black might not be noticeable. It’s a good idea to wear heavy metal necklace sometimes, it’s because you deserve to look extraordinary on parties, especially when you belong to elite class. Instead of wearing local and all-time accessible beaded necklace, you should prefer something heavier and more beautiful such as opulent necklace with flowers, steels, ribbons, stones, crystals, and gemstones accents.

Extraordinary stones with crystals; I love this entire article for its delicacy, beauty and charm, your friends will not resist to appreciate your selection in the jewelry if you wear it.



The choice for jewelry varies from person to person, you can wear light ones if you like, these heavy ones are good for nice parties and events where you ought to boast off your passion for fashion.

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