Highlighting the crease on the eyes is the very first thing you need to do when you begin with your eye makeup.  Creating perfect smokey eyes is a kind of daunting task if you don’t know how to blend the dark shades together to get the desired effect. Therefore, it is necessary to follow some […]


Whenever I apply makeup I don’t forget that it’s an art for I must be creative to get the good results. If you know how to play with the colors you can do magic, if you don’t know how to apply the right amount of colors on your lips, you’d better learn it in order […]


There is an urgent party that you will attend tonight but you haven’t done much preparation. It’s like you have to improvise on your outfit as well as hairstyle, there is a saloon nearby but you cannot decide as which particular hairstyle would be good for the evening. We all have to do party hairstyling […]


It’s cold outside because the temperature is freezing but it cannot stop us from doing our daily household choirs. We cannot forget about fashion either because this is something without which we never dreamed of living. Though there is enough housework to keep us busy but we must not forget that one should pay enough […]

Nail Art

Some people don’t mind going to an extra length when it comes to body paint or fashion in general. These days there is a new trend that is allowing fashion lovers to have their eyes painted or tattooed for a certain period of time.  There comes a trend for unique colored tattoos in eyes that […]