You don’t need to be  of Irish ancestor in order to wear a beautiful and meaningful Irish Claddagh ring, which is considered a true symbols of marriage, love, and relationship. The ring dates back to the 17th century and it was attributed with strong meanings by Celts, though many believe that there are some other […]


We can’t exactly tell you as who invented the flattop hairstyles and flat top haircuts, but it would be long ago somewhere. You might have seen Tony Trabert in the old times who used to wear a sleek flattop with rounded corners.  In fact, the cut has been worn by the U.S. President John F. […]

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The famous TV actress, Kim Kardashian, is getting more success worldwide than any other Hollywood Celebrities because she is intellectual, multilingual, and creative.  She started her career with the help of her Friend Paris Hilton but she got success for her character in a reality TV show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’.  The actress has […]

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Zuhair Murad – Lebanese fashion designer, opened his first shop in 1995 in Beirut. C childhood dream to engage in high-fashion and purposefully moving towards its goal. After studying in Paris, in 1995 he opened his first studio in Livane.Cherez awhile craze Zuhair put him on the international fashion arena. Zuhair Murad dress are superior […]

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