Natural objects such as flowers and feathers have been used by women for centuries in the decoration of hair braids. Women of the old times would pluck fresh lilies or roses from the garden and sew them into a crown or garland by sewing all pieces one by one- it was more like a fun […]

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Beauty is associated with many delicate things such as soft petals of flowers, eternally green leaves and lilies of spring.  It sees that women’s beauty goes hand by hand with the nature’s beauty in view of art, this is why many poets use language of flowers to describe the nature of women- in a drawing […]

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Octopus is one of the marine creatures dwell mostly underground in the water, normally spending much of their time in the seabed, it doesn’t show that they are humble, but it’s just that they love living in a privacy. No matter how grounded they are in a sea, they work like a killing machine when […]


It’s the right time of the year to go to the store and pick the best neon hair dye to give yourself a big change for the time ahead, you will catch attention and receive admirations. You might often have seen club girls and music Rockies wandering their waist, swaying around, flowing their neon hair […]

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A lot of people wonder as what the meanings of tree tattoos in real are and why most tattoo lover having them inked on their bodies? The simplest meaning of tree tattoo is growth, it has ability to regrow after getting fruitless in winter and autumn. There is a great lesson for human beings the […]