I was searching the term ‘ Designs of Toe Nail art’ in Google the other day but it didn’t return some useful ideas on the subject. The best one can do with their toe nails is apply some white nail polish on the filed tips and the design will be called french nail art. I […]

Nail Art

Men believe that women of the present century are crazy about looking beautiful, sexy, and hot. When it comes to fashion and style, clothes and shoes are also interlinked to describe one’s taste or craze, but now there is one more term emerging more powerful than other women’s accessories and it’s acrylic nails. Ladies in […]

Nail Art

There was a time when maxi dresses were very popular among celebrities of the yester years or they were worn by special actresses only on special events such as red carpet shows, prom nights, night TV shows and balls. Now maxi dresses have become a summer must-have for all fashionable women because they know that […]

Fashion Wears

If the natural tone of your hair is brown, light brown or auburn brown, you can do a lot of changes in your hairstyles and hair color to look sexier, edgier and smarter. Many men detest having a dark hint of brown shade in the hair and they keep dying the hair in black, dark […]

Men Hairstyles

I was reading an article on the Asian bridal makeup the other day and I found that many people have developed a misconception that Chinese or Japanese brides wear very heavy makeup, followed by expensive jewelry and hair accessories. I don’t agree with the concept because I have a lot of Chinese friends and I […]