Hairstyles for African-American Women

crown braid afro american women

African-American women have a texture and type of hair different from other nationalities. The texture is extraordinary and is wonderful because it allows them to style and cut their hair in a variety of ways. These are options for styling and cutting your hair as an African-American Woman today.

Modern hairstyle Ideas for girls

boycut hairstyle ideas for girls

Sick of old bangs, faux bobs and layered haircuts? Now girls, you are finally wanting to try out some modern hairstyles and haircuts.  It’s possible! Look what type modern hairstyle Ideas for girls and women are being praised of this year, and these styles for those who like to change their look and personality every …

Old vs Modern Undercut Hairstyles

1950s undercut hairstyles

Having an undercut style is a good way to maintain your hair . What is an undercut hairstyle? For this cut, the hair is cut short close to the scalp. The cutting can be limited to the nape of the head, these days it’s mostly done on temple areas as well. In other words, half of the …

Long hairstyles for men

topknot for long hair men

Wearing longer hair has always been associated with sexy celebrities.  Not only do lots of men like it for this reason, but there are also other benefits. This option is time-saving with less fuss and care than shorter styles and money-saving because cuts are generally done less often if at all. There are many styling …