Pastel Pink hair color ideas

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Without doubt, pink is one of the most appeasing girlish colors being used in a variety of ladies’ accessories these days from dresses to shoes to hair clips to undergarments. The color has so many shades such as queen pink, lilac pink, violet pink, deep pink, fuchsia, Magenta, baby pink and pig pink (The list goes on and on because there always are a series of shades in the family of every basic color, even the white shade keeps a big family, too)

f you are planning to change your natural hair color to either pink or pastel pink color, you first need to review some of the latest quintessential pastel pink hair colors 2017 because it is very important to keep up with the current trends rather than doing anything on your own.

There was a time when runways models seemed in an absolute love with the magenta shade, which would appear blunt on the face sometimes, but what could we do about those models since they were to wear what was in fashion. You don’t have to do it in any way, unless you have a very Wheat or fair complexion, you should throw the idea of wearing pastel pink hair colors because it’s not a shade to play with. Now you might be thinking as what face complexion has to do with the color? Maybe you never tried to explore that there always exist some facial features and tones rules in place as far as the competency with any hair color is concerned professionally. If Nicki Minaj can wear baby pink shade why can’t you? Don’t forget that the singer puts on a lot of makeup on her face to make the hair color to compliment her features and skin tone- as we all know that she’s got a dark complexion (Her complexion is somewhat dark as an Ebony barbie even if she is an Afro-american lady). You can definitely wear a pastel pink hair color of your choice on your skin face tone if you think you are ready to sport a heavy makeup almost everyday, it might be impossible if you are an office going lady. The choice is still yours.
Nonetheless,  it is very difficult to look at your best in a pastel pink hair dye but there are some girls who use lighter shades or brighter shades to tone down the effect of color on face or features.

We all have seen pink hair dyes in fashion last year and all those shades were big brighter and bolder as compared to quintessential pastel pink hair colors 2017. I have some true inspirations in this regard, which I would like to share her with you.

Here are more pictures of quintessential pastel pink hair colors ides 2017.

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