Paula Patton sideswept curls

If you have watched many Hollywood movies you might have seen Paula Patton in movies like mirrors, Déjà up, Swing Vote and Precious. She is a very talented actress as well as a fashionista, she is currently on new for her laced dress and white outfits. People like Paula Patton hairstyles for their finished appeal and nice texture. She has worn short, medium and long haircuts but the most popular are her updo styles right now. Women believe that her party styles can be pulled out easily as they can be copied and followed.





Paula Patton hairstyling include high ponytail, loose curls, short retro waves, and sleek center partied hairstyle. Both black and white women are following her trends as she is bringing something different up for them as well as for those who need uniqueness instead of rehearsed fashion.






Whereas others’ celebrities hairstyles are considered stereotyped or a twisted version of old haircuts, Paula Patton hairstyles are being heralded as different- it’s perhaps they have a visible difference to be noticed.

Let’s check her some looks that have inspired afro women and girls alike.

The Glossy Wavy Curls

For formal parties and events we all want to wear something natural and easy,perhaps her this look is giving us a better idea on how to tame hair when it is thin and long. A special flower can add more beauty to it.

Paula Patton afro curls

Sleek Partition for thin hair

Most women think that the style should be free and flattering well it’s not a condition at all, you can pin some portions behind the ear because it will add more sophistication in the style rather than making you to appear a bit messy in appearance.
Paula Patton bob cut

The professional bob 

The short cut can be styled differently, just brush the hair behind the ears and wear a nice smile.She has kept her makeup very simple and natural, though the use of faux lashes is visible but besides it you don’t see anything unnatural.

Paula patton boycut hairstyles

Long and messy tresses

Love this look because it is stylish and nice. Again she is not putting on any extra makeup rather than some lashes. The hair is styled with loose curls and is parted very carefully.

Paula Patton long hairstyles

Cute Front Fringe

Paula Patton short bangs

The Shortest Curly cut

If you ever wondered as how to brush and style your shortest cut, this is a perfect inspiration for you. To beautify it even more she has added some curls on the sides which are looking very nice.

Paula Patton short haircut

Short style for thin hair

This is a nice style to try when you feel your hair is getting thinner and weaker. Have it trimmed and style it in a way that nobody can tell if you are suffering from any hair related problem.

Paula Patton short hairstyles

The Party Perming

The accent has made her entire style very gorgeous and outstanding. If afro women want to style their natural curls in a better way this look is ideal for them because it has grace.Paula Patton sideswept curls

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