Some Excellent Pedicure Ideas

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I was searching the term ‘ Designs of Toe Nail art’ in Google the other day but it didn’t return some useful ideas on the subject. The best one can do with their toe nails is apply some white nail polish on the filed tips and the design will be called french nail art. I am simply tired of seeing french nail art designs, it attracts me only if there is a slight amount of uniqueness in it, otherwise I just don’t pay attention to it anymore. So ladies, winter is almost upon us and though this summer has made us filled our life book with so many good and bad memories but we still love it- especially the days we spent at beach with friends, surfing and swimming in the warm water, and drinking plenty of fresh cocktails in the sunshine.  Well let’s get to the point, when I searched the term in Google, though there were so many good pedicure ideas but the ones I am sharing here would be hard to find elsewhere because they are done by expert in a saloon. I decided to make and share my collection with the readers. I am myself a keen nail art design expert, I can’t do it flawlessly without making big blunders, but I am still learning.

I am pretty much sure you are also bore of trying the same flower patterns on your toe nails and that stamping the nails isn’t just something you like doing anymore maybe. If so, these pictures of unique designs of toe nail art will surely give you some strong inspiration.

You can paint your toe nails by airbrushing technique, but I recommend you to use stickers instead for a perfection. Check these blue nails; white flowers are so prominent on the base because they are painted with white nail polish, you can use yellow and orange as well as a replacement.

marble pedicure idea

Studded sky blue nails are looking so beautiful and attractive. You can use other colors as well for the base.

blue pedicure idea

You will frequently witness that Beach toe nails are becoming more trendy this year but only few got the talent to add a twist in the design. Check a small flower on the big toe nail to better understand me.

Beach pedicure for girls

Orange and pastel, both colors have been used at large during summer, the design is meaningful if you get it done for a party.

spring pedicure ideas for girls

I will admit that this one design impressed me so much. Check how beautifully these tribal strips are drawn and filled with nice seasonal nail polish colors. If you too have some sorts of painting skills you can try this design of toe nail art at home without ado.

tribal pedicure idea for girls

I know you have seen several fingernails adorned with nice glitter sands before but I don’t think you have seen anyone’s toe nails being adorned like this much with glitter yet. It reminds me of summer beach party where all ladies were wearing kiwi fruit nail art designs.

Love pedicure idea

You don’t need to be an artist or a painter to achieve a unique design of toe nail art, simply copy what others are doing. In this design, flowers are painted with hand using nail art brush, you can use a pen tip as well.

aztecg pedicure ideas

Have you bought plenty of resin flower decals from the market this year? Why not apply some glitter and decals on your big toe nail to make it beautiful, if you get it done perfectly it will become a work of artist.

beautiful pedicure for girls

Simple pink pedicure ideas

Simple pedicure ideas

Camo pedicure idea

camoflague pedicure idea

Simple strip pedicure ideasstripes pedicure ideas for girls

 Hope you will love and adore these wonderful pedicure ideas.

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